First- The  History of Louis Riel Day – Spirited Kenny explains who was against it and the nonsensical reason why, why the embarassed NDP government agreed to it, how the original name voted for by school kids got vetoed, and how as Jack Wells would say, it turned out nice again didn’t it? 

4:40  A BasketBall Story, reverberating through the Jewish community and putting a spotlight on the University of Winnipeg Collegiate. Marty broke the story here: ⁠After Antisemitic Incident, U of Winnipeg Collegiate Disbands Basketball Team –⁠

An incident like this needs as much light shed on it as possible. That’s what Canada’s Envoy on Antisemitism, Irwin Cotler, said to Marty last week. 

15:00  What follows is a Lesson In Journalism: Somebody on the UW Collegiate boys junior varsity Wesmen did something on Feb 2. Somehow the Free Press mangled the story and managed not to mention the word ‘antisemitism’ once – as the two schools once again, clammed up.

This cancelation, as Marty reported, was after ‘a history’ of problems for the Gray Academy players. Hear how many doors the Free Press didn’t try, making it easy for the schools to construct a campaign of silence. 

A leading Holocaust educator is concerned about recommendations – from 2017 – to stem antisemitic hate at UW being ignored. Does it surprise anyone the U of W campus has enrolled ZERO students in the no-cost Holocaust and Human Rights Symposium on Apr. 7? And we don’t buy the educators claim they can’t be transparent because “minors”. Hear what is behind their attempt to sweep it under the rug – why was there a collective punishment doled out ?

What about the offending players going to other sports, if all that happens is they got their ball taken away for the last game of 2023? Kenny adds his views, as a parent, about the reality that has to be faced: team parents had to be notified, and probably all the school’s parents too: “I would hope there was an email…” [not to the Jewish Federation, there wasn’t]

24:53 –  We compare how rural public schools are dealing with a racism/harassment issue right now, to the cover-up by private city campuses. 

CBC broke ⁠yet another high school basketball incident⁠ – 2 of them at one game – and we explain how Sunrise School Division and Springfield Collegiate are working with the Lord Selkirk Regional school (Royals) and Lord Selkirk School Division to resolve harmful graffiti and language used towards a visiting First Nations player on Feb. 9th. We ask why, when there’s a Jewish school involved, is it handled differently? Where’s the reconciliation?

Failure by UW education leaders to combat antisemitism, unanswered questions about the coaches, why didn’t anyone ever report the prior incidents to the MHSAA – Hear why neither school in a hurry to “DO THE WORK”.

Marty and Kenny discuss how, as Cotler warned, unchecked hate towards Jews is endangering our city and our country and the factors on Canadian campuses is a toxic brew. 

PART 2 52:59 Crime Courts and Public Safety: Millennium Library seizure stats, machete and meth and million $ drug busts! And, the return of the Level 5 Car Thief!

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