Welcome to our new listeners! We appreciate the enthusiastic response for last week’s interview with sportscasting legend Peter Young about the life and times of the Golden Jet, Bobby Hull.

Back to our political coverage: A recent Manitoba election poll showed an 11 seat swing between Wab Kinew’s NDP and the reigning Tories – but Marty points out what the new result really shows. Will it help spur renewed enthusiasm at the grassroots to modernize the appeal of the Manitoba PCs?

Exhibit A? A change of plans for a potential candidate in Brandon West, Jordan Sisson. Hear about his background and why this is a bit of a big deal. There was also a change in plans in Spruce Woods. Some may ask what the rush was, before the nomination meeting was postponed? Some media doesn’t seem to give a full picture of the candidates and Marty fills in the blanks. One of them was endorsed sight unseen by ‘she who finished second’ to Heather Stefanson to become Premier. But that isn’t the only race where Shelly Glover has tapped a favorite.

In Kildonan-River East, longtime political strategist and former Glover campaigner Braydon Mazurkiewich is posting high-profile endorsements that cut across social and political lines.

Hear who’s backing him in his effort to unite the party