TGCTS Podcast February 26, 2023 Ticket Scams, Housing Shams, And Opening New Cans of Worms – FULL EPISODE

Episode 12 of 2023 has Spirited Kenny talking with Marty about the packed halls in Transcona and in small-town Mitchell this weekend to see CWE in action. Pro wrestling attendance is up all over the West! Marty had a surprise role on Saturday – and survived.

10:50 – Why the poor attendance at the Ice and Snow Removal session? – the bike lobby sure knew it was going on. Which councilors tried to advertise the Convention Centre gathering… and which seemingly failed to make an effort to broaden the feedback about Active Transportation.

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15:40– Hear how trickster math turned a $43.00 school zone ticket into a $170 threat to your drivers licence.

A lawsuit has revealed that speeding fines from 2017-2021 might have slightly illegal, what with overcharging everyone $77.70- at least – to start with. Apparently someone knew and did nothing to stop it. What a racket.

The City, which gets a cut of the action, claims it’s the Province’s problem. Marty suggests the Torah section read in synagogue last week proves otherwise. As an old classmate of his wrote about the lesson of the parsha: “Ill-gotten gains to build our schools, our synagogues, our businesses, our homes must still not be welcome in any capacity, for it is our goal to build a holy society so that God can be found.”

26:50 – Provincial Round-up: PC nomination races update, NDP reassigns key critic posts: Why Shannon Martin says he walked away- we talk the hits and misses in media coverage on it. What term do you never hear the media use to describe a New Democrat? Nahanni Fontaine was shuffled out of Justice, and made critic of a portfolio that she has no street cred in: Family Services. Hear how as a high-paid advisor to the Selinger government for 5 1/2 years, she ducked holding him accountable for CFS scooping up First Nations kids. Where did Wab Kinew shuffle the most obvious replacement as Justice Critic? A chair near the exit. And, the Black Rod noticed that Dan Lett changed his tone about the election race last week, as we discuss.

38:20 – Part 2 Fan Mail, Nick Hill commercials, and then, a U of Winnipeg Collegiate antisemitism cover-up update. Watch the highlights from last week’s TGCTS podcast report on YouTube: Antisemitic incident between Winnipeg High Schools Hear some vile Jew-hating comments Marty received in response to his 2 stories, from people justifying the abuse as ‘Those Jews deserved it.’ And far-left schools are making it an acceptable point of view.

49:00 – Part 3 Crime Courts And Public Safety Another machete attack or 2 near HSC. Also – More inner-city danger on Balmoral – Thanks Manitoba Housing and ‘award-winning” architects! Finally, we discuss a gruesome murder by a (then) teen of his mother. Not sentenced as an adult, he’s appealing a youth sentence we think was already too lenient. We ask who should have prevented this family spiralling into destruction.

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