This is MUST-hear Kick-FM style talk radio for everyone- especially Public Works chair Janice Lukes and other councillors.

‘Moving On Marion’ is a city road planning exercise. After the Happyland Park/Marion Freeway fiasco in 2015 – people in St. Boniface are plenty wary. Marty went to the Open House and reports on what he saw – and what people attending said.

The focus is on ‘the Couplet’ – Marion St. and Goulet St. – with protected bike lanes near the hospital, and some other ideas for further east towards Lagamodiere (intersection changes and a few expropriations). The bike lane ideas were attributed to the Norwood Biz, who weren’t there.

You’ll hear the anti-car eco-phrases tossed around in the media by area Councilor Matt Allard that staff dared not repeat to the taxpayers standing at the design boards. Marty explains the ideological capture City Hall goes along with, to suit the urbanist agenda. And while some proposals are sensible cosmetic or structural changes, and the recreational additions are acceptable and in fact overdue. The staff do not grasp the neighbourhood, despite ‘hey I stood there and counted cars’. (NOTE: We have subsequently learned that the event was staffed by 2 consulting companies, apparently, with one responsible for public consultation and we will be issuing clarifications in the April 3 podcast. )

Marty tells how no one could answer the most basic questions about bike counts or how many parking spots are slated for erasure? How else is the public to evaluate bike lanes and gauge the effects on area businesses?

City Hall doesn’t care – but we do. #TGCTS

Hear about a bizarre side-street bike lane proposal (a favour to the bike lobby) – to the absolute detriment of the neighbourhood.

And- What will happen when they eliminate a funnel lane peeling to the right on Dawson Road going past Panet southbound, and approaching Marion to merge west and head towards downtown? Marty asked, ‘Do you know why that lane is there?’ NO Idea.

Do you know what kind of vehicles use that yield? NO Answer except for “It creates conflicts”. We asked for the proof. Still waiting. Maybe Janice Lukes can get it. Who needs facts? Not the City planners – hear how they will CREATE ‘conflicts’ and sure-fire accidents because, apparently, none of them have ever driven a truck.

City bureaucrats are ‘planning to make a plan’, but many at the Norwood CC session think the plan is already made. Certainly anyone from Happyland Park thought that way. You’ll also hear about sceptics from other parts of St. Boniface- even people on Lyndale Drive who own bikes think the new plan is absurd. One has 2 bikes – find out why, and why they consider the ‘greenway pilot project’ on their street a total failure.

Marty hit the streets to follow up on what he heard at the Open House – and found at least one business with NO idea removing parking beside their property was being kicked around. Then he went to the existing greenway- Eugenie Street- to find even less support for new bike lanes. They’d rather see Public Works drain “Lake Eugenie” but 911 doesn’t seem to pass on the messages.

St. B residents care about public safety more than adding bike lanes – listen to what happens at the local TD bank ATM.

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