Crime Courts and Public Safety commentary

(Season 2 Episode 14 Part 3)

We take this personally as our first live remotes on Kick-FM were from their campus at Graham and Main. It was reported that international students from a religious college leasing space inside CDI were the 4 mugged we described last week. Hear of the threats and racist abuse the students endure- including being chased and threatened with weapons for food – the pattern of violence south of Portage and Main, and how this can undermine an iconic nearby burger stand and other area enterprises.

“I don’t think (the area) is usually so safe,” said one. He was told “the suspect had brass knuckles.”

Students being chased and threatened with weapons; people petrified to take the bus; 13 year olds pepper-spraying folks for shits and giggles being put back on the streets.

Welcome to Winnipeg.

This unchecked wave of violence, within blocks of the cop shop, is destroying downtown and is Brian Bowman’s legacy. It’s so bad, the cops can’t keep their story straight whether more people downtown post-pandemic makes it safer, or make it worse by increasing the supply of victims.

While federal revolving-door crime laws release violent derelicts almost immediately to harm more victims, City Hall says ‘soon the work will start’ on planning meetings that will no doubt be too little, too late.


The TGCTS podcast is doing our part to get this city back on its feet – we are a voice for businesses, transit users, students and seniors who feel abandoned by the courts, the cops and by City Hall. We’re ramping up the schedule, and continue to work on investigative stories like the cover-up of antisemitism at the University of Winnipeg Collegiate.

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