This week Marty opens with personal comments about the passing of his longtime friend, Terrance Machalek Sr. He’ll put out a special podcast about Terry next week; you can read about the award-winning wrestling photographer and community builder and Marty’s thoughts in this Slam Wrestling story.

14:49 Clarification of the overcharges on speeding tickets lawsuit – hear how when you add it all up, including tickets issued by the RCMP, some victims of the DoJ scam got extra-ripped off. That way a $90 construction zone ticket magically turned into $320 fine. Who knew and said nothing?

24:20 At City Hall, Mayor Scott Gillingham invented another committee. We disagree that a new ‘faith and cultural liason’ committee will help “When we see rises of Islamophobia, antisemitism, and other discrimination.” Marty explains why the Jews shouldn’t fall for it and asks why Gillingham tacked on newcomer settlement and homelessness, and never mentions race relations as a priority. We also relay a few “things that I certainly want to know about as mayor.” Hear what a listener says about the political tactic: “Not a lot of people will want to serve on this.”

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37:45 In Winnipeg, public washrooms are used too much and have hours cut, or they get torched and closed. We have lots to say about another part of public disorder that our leaders can’t fix. Spirited Kenny asks – who watches the washrooms?

45:45 The Stefanson government is throwing in another $58M for “social housing spaces” and programs but aren’t addressing the root causes of homelessness. We discuss what Marion Willis, founder and executive director of St. Boniface Street Links, told the media – “I maybe expected a little more focus on mental health and addictions and the fact that the demographical face of homelessness is very diverse now. It’s not what it was. It doesn’t divide us by race. I just want to be sure that there’s going to be funding for everybody.” And what about the drug-induced violence?

54:57 Ep. 13 Part 2 – Kenny has a good laugh about ‘the first stupid thing I’ve heard Gillingham say.’ He keeps laughing all through the ‘not a security force!’ planned for 5 bus routes in particular and comes up with a better name. Why it took months to address a crisis, and horror stories from bus riders endangered since, especially ones that go past City Hall. They’d rather freeze than sit in filthy broken bus shelters. Also- a hint of a strike?

1:10:57 ‘One other thing’ – one man, 4 daylight downtown assaults… No need to keep him in lock-up, eh.

And a closing observation about downtown, planning, and wasting taxpayer’s money, sent in by listener and city hall watcher, Kelly Ryback. Who needs safe transit when we can have bike lanes? How the political process disengages voters- and why we work on doing the opposite.

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