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We open Episode 16 – Marty tells where teenage him went for his first drive when he got a licence – then welcomes our new sponsor, Midpoint Auto+ !

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We follow-up on the ‘Moving on Marion’ open house charade with even more details of what’s already gone wrong. With the help of a comment from Kelly Ryback, we discuss a previous abandoned bike lane concept. Hear why the money spent on Coun. Matt Allard’s Des Meurons bike lane dream set out a permanent red flag. Our proven results with the Assiniboine bike lane- forcing a City audit – and then saving Happyland Park help us to dig deeper into rigged “public consultations”.

Marty found at least one business on Marion had no clue the City was asking the public to go along with taking away their adjacent street parking – he’s since found more. (NOTE: We have subsequently learned that the event was staffed by 2 consulting companies, apparently, with one responsible for public consultation and we will be issuing clarifications in the April 3 podcast. )

Marty tells what the VP of Scotiabank said about the “bike lanes on Traverse?” surprise and how it’s not clearly mentioned anywhere. We figure out how the city process is crafted to keep the bank in the dark until the last possible moment.

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To summarize the open house flaws so far:

* No estimate of lost parking spots.
* No Eugenie bike path user data.
* No consultation with affected businesses
* No explanation of a Traverse bike lane proposal.

ADD THEN, THIS: The bike lobby is against it.

Bike Winnipeg claims that Traverse isn’t in the actual area AT plan but another street is, and complain that city staff kept the 2021 switch SECRET from the open house. (Yes, TGCTS and the bike lobby agree on something.) See it for yourself:

“Kenny St has been added to the proposed cycling network as a direct connection between Marion/Goulet and HIghfield St in the Norwood Flats neighbourhood. The Moving on Marion plans should reflect this.

Kenny is a key connection. It has replaced Traverse in the 2021 proposed bike network.”

The open house did NOT reflect this. How did that happen? With all these flaws, gaps in data and outright contradictions, does Janice Lukes and the rest of council think any ‘revised’ plan they get will be based on proper informed feedback from residents?

The real story here is- the bike lobby knows things that stakeholders and the public are kept in the dark about. Time for a Driver’s Advocate, maybe?

– A French newspaper shed light on how Allard and radical-left urbanists sell the media on how wonderful this plan is. But- the story doesn’t mention… the Traverse bike lane.

Marty describes how the plan will snarl inbound AM traffic on Goulet and significantly affect the neighborhood near the hospital- and disrupt important public services. Ryback exposed fake news about bike lane use. We list some information council must now provide to St. B.

City staff claim the Norwood Grove Biz supports the new plan? The Biz concept map had no mention of Traverse BUT had an important disclaimer that’s being ignored by the City to ram this through. TGCTS Facebook group reaction adds context about lying bike lobbyists, and about rampant bike theft.

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