(May 20, 2023) This past week, Winnipeg newsrooms began to chase our exclusive report – East St. Paul Parents Stop School From Canceling Mother’s Day.

The situation at Dr. W.F.L. Hamilton School was pretty straightforward – the ‘leadership team’ at the elementary school outside of Winnipeg “moved away from isolated observances of specific traditions like Mother’s and Father’s Day.” Then within 72 hours, the principal announced, “After some feedback from Friday’s e-memo from our parent community we will continue to acknowledge Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as a school.”

With decades of experience, we knew this was important news- and got it out first.

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Schools should reflect the values of the parent community. That is what led the principal to reverse the cancelation. But since Mother’s Day is on the culture wars hit list, some in the media took the approach that those parents had to be put in their place.

And that’s what happened when the Winnipeg Free Press assigned a designated, federally-funded ‘education’ reporter who is paid under the “Local Journalism Initiative”. Stories filed under that program get automatic distribution from Canadian Press to media outlets across the country, with no independent editing.

That means, if a reporter gets a key detail wrong- or slants their coverage to bolster a woke political agenda – that skewed version of reality goes out all across the country- immediately. Paid for, by everyone’s tax dollars.

The federal government insists that taxpayers paying newspapers to add LJI reporters would “protect and extend democracy… the objective must be to increase local ⁠civic journalism⁠ in ⁠underserved communities⁠.”

That’s the supposed objective.

– In this podcast, Marty Gold describes a cautionary tale for parents across Manitoba: how the Free Press didn’t speak directly with any of the parents; what to be on the lookout for when the name-calling starts from the newspaper; and how to get to the bottom of it.

After TGCTS broke the story, Marty found himself labeled by the Free Press as an employee of a “far-right” company. The problem is, no such company exists and he is not in any way, “far-right”.

But no one asked him.

The Free Press chose to politicize the school issue. With the false label attached, Marty was name-dropped into the article as some kind of representation of the parents opposing the “transition” to “inclusion”. This was engineered to smear supporters of Mother’s Day, by inferring the concerns they voiced to the principal of Dr. Hamilton were linked to the “far-right”. See how that works?

The smear on Mother’s Day supporters is a Lesson in Woke Journalism.

– The next step was to platform a convenient department head from the University of Winnipeg. Sharanpal Ruprai was allowed to blurt misinformation and criticize East St. Paul parents – but it was never mentioned her expertise is in “critical race feminism”.

Marty goes into detail about the women’s and gender studies associate professor. Who she is, what her specialties are, what she said that was totally false. Hear her woke solution to parents who support the traditions of celebrating our mothers and our fathers.

You’ll also hear which political figures in Manitoba she hasn’t attacked yet for supporting Mother’s Day. Strange, that.

This was the essence of ‘woke journalism’ – this wasn’t about preserving Mother’s Day, it was about those uncaring parents opposing an “inclusive measure”! Listen to how the headline was revised to portray a community divided into camps. We got a sharp response to the Free Press story from one of the school’s fathers, rejecting the blatant attack on his community and his school.


Hear/read our follow-up with more details from the principal:

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