“He was against it, before he was for it.”

The baffling policy waffling of the Manitoba NDP took another surprise turn with a promise to re-open 3 suburban hospital emergency rooms. It’s as if they thought no one would remember that their own previous regime had set in motion the shuttering of the ERs so services could be consolidated. 

In Episode 52 of Season 2, we explain how Wab Kinew added to his $1B a week election promise with a doozy that no one was buying for a very good reason that the MSM picked up on immediately:

“Opposition Leader Wab Kinew previously said he would not consider backtracking on closures that began in 2017.”

How many flip-flops can one campaign put forward with a straight face, has become a popular question online. Marty Gold walks through the NDP promises, the sceptical observations, and whether “The flip flopping must be as a result of horrific internal numbers.” 

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Take a tour through⁠ a WFP column ⁠that asserted Kinew’s pre-writ platform was “based on informed theories”. If, as Dan Lett believes, “the PCs and the Liberals have largely been caught off guard by the New Democrat policy blitzkrieg”, it’s because they can’t stop laughing as the modern-day NDP bewilders voters with their buffet of spending commitments while alienating the old guard they need to work on the campaign trail. 

We also delve into Lett’s misinformation that the Tory position on parental rights “was largely seen as pandering to a tiny and unpalatable constituency”- when only 16% of those polled by Angus Reid are anti-parent’s rights. It’s a hill that progressives seem determined to die on.

As Marty concludes, there are definitely unattached voters disaffected by the PCs- but the NDP and Manitoba Liberals would never reach out to them. Lest they be accused of “pandering to a tiny and unpalatable constituency” made up of Manitobans who rejected Pallister-era pandemic overeach and mandates, and voiced concerns about abuse of process and civil liberties. 

18:35 – Crime And Public Safety: A tragedy on beautiful Matheson Island.

25:25 – Ever finish work, hit the shower, and hear your parked car get smashed in a Hit & Run? 

TGCTS lets you hear directly from the victims at a crime scene in the west end late Wednesday night- and from the Good Samaritan who stopped to help, and watched 2 perps wander off towards a local vendor. Real crime, real victims, real grief, real Winnipeg. 

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