Since 2004, followers of TGCTS on radio and online have heard the views of MaryAnn Mihychuk, a well-traveled geologist and consultant who is a former member of the Doer cabinet in Manitoba and the Justin Trudeau cabinet in Ottawa. She’s now serving as President of the Manitoba Prospectors and Developers Association (MPDA).  

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With the Manitoba election heading for the clubhouse turn, Marty Gold again hosts an animated discussion with MaryAnn Mihychuk about her industry, our economy, and the need for sensible policy. 

Hear about where we are in the mining cycle, Manitoba’s potential as a critical mineral producer compared with Ontario, Quebec and BC, and why royalties are not where the provincial treasury will make money- it’s from the skilled jobs and economic spin-offs created that will “make Manitoba prosperous once again.”

What does the Manitoba government need to do to attract maximum investment in our mining sector as jurisdictions compete to attract qualified players? Start with opening the Mining Act, suggests Mihychuk.

While election pronouncements are broad strokes, Mihychuk said, “You’ve got to gove some credit to heather Stefanson, she’s made some changes and we’ve moved from 37th plave to 15th…”

“… if the leadership of a jurisdiction say nothign, or say something negative, that will hurt the financial community. Premier Stefanson has come out stringly in favour of mineral development and exploration, so kudos to her, that’s a good first step.”

The role of First Nations as a source of resource workers and project management, the impact of climate change and of the United Nations UNDRIP plan, are all addressed by Mihychuk in this 18 minute interview. 


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