Episode 24 provides a brief overview of the ramping up of Jew-hating marches and rallies around the world and in Canada.

As Tristin Hopper of the National Post noted:

“If you’re referring to a protest that just wants to “stop the violence” in Gaza, you’re referring to something that doesn’t exist. By my read, there hasn’t been a single “pro-Palestine” rally in this country that didn’t carry a strong undercurrent of destroying Israel.”



Part 1- Cross-country Review:

– a Hamas ally, the Samidoun group, continues to hold antisemitic protests in Vancouver;

– an MP shamed “pro-Hamas protestors in Edmonton who celebrated the slaughter of Israeli civilians and called for a new intifada” and mocks his critics;

– in Toronto crowds chanted in Arabic “smash the Zionists head” as Jews in that city hid their mezuzahs, saw their businesses  targeted by mobs, and a school kid was told by a classmate ‘do not look at my eyes, You are a Jew and inferior to Muslims’.

15:27 Part 2 – A CAF Vet Tells Defence Minister a Winnipeg Story

A Twitter thread addressed to Bill Blair explains why, in 2018, the first public Menorah displayed by the CAF needed to be protected and secured instead of being placed outside the chapel. Hint: it wasn’t because of “Islamophobia”.

23.30 – Winnipeg Police met with the Jewish community and it couldn’t have gone worse. We have the details.

– The Jewish Federation, which has failed for years to represent the interests of local Israelis, arranged a ‘safety meeting’ last Wednesday but didn’t prepare the cops for what “diversity” actually means in our Jewish community. The police got a earful in the Q and A because Israelis in Winnipeg take the harassment and antisemitic acts a lot more seriously than the ‘organized Jewish leadership’ and demanded protection.

– On Friday, a vigil in Memorial Park for the hostages kidnapped by Hamas was harassed, and called 911. Unlike the corporate media- we tell what happened.

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37:00- Part 3 – Local examples of Jewish students in Universities and public schools being intimidated

There is a “High School Strike for Palestine” walkout being fronted by ‘Queers for Palestine’ and other groups under the guise of “anti-racism” to indoctrinate kids in “Anti-Zionism”.

From a parent: “Students who are not participating need to be protected. The province & the city need to ensure resources are dispatched to every school where this is taking place (& hopefully the bill sent to organizers). Call Nello Altomare Manitoba Minister of Education Phone: 204-945-3720 “


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