Almost simultaneously this weekend, Facebook groups from 2 neighborhoods voiced the same concern- “No Street Lights”

In River Heights and St. Boniface residents started piecing together what they- and Marty Gold- have noticed for weeks and months. 

Episode 25 compiles those observations into an undeniable conclusion: Manitoba Hydro is failing to provide an essential safety service, and City Councilors who mouth platitudes about “public safety” aren’t standing up to be counted. 

From Grant to Tache and from Corydon to Norwood Flats, the street lights aren’t on. And it isn’t just in those districts – from the West End to the Main Street strip, areas where fear of break-ins and muggings is already peaking, darkness looms over anyone needing to walk home from a late night shift or to catch a bus. 

And 311 won’t lift a finger to help -Marty Gold has the details, including how both the City and Manitoba Hydro discourage residents wanting to report the dangerous failures. It’s outrageous, and Winnipeggers deserve better.

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16:53 Part 2 – Crime Courts and Public Safety Update, sponsored by ⁠JamRock Security⁠

On Sunday we saw the evidence that Winnipeg is well on the way to becoming the new Detroit. Whether it’s a daytime triple stabbing in Osborne Village or an evening shooting near Health Sciences Centre, the neighbours both said the same thing – ‘we gotta move’. 

TGCTS reviews the details of the stabbings and the stabber, who seems linked to the homeless encampment near the Osborne Bridge. What don’t city officials mention when they discuss “services” provided free of charge to those camps?

Osborne Village has had an 82% increase in crime since 2019. Will the area MLA – a certain Manitoba premier – and the area councilor take a stand for the people who thought going to the drug store was a safe decision? 

Here’s what one of their Village constituents, a father with small children told the media:

“What kind of human wants to live in this kind of environment, where you could be subject to a random variable. I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s just a constant issue.” ******

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