On December 5 the University of Manitoba issued a statement that it “has discovered posters in several buildings on campus which include antisemitic language and defamatory statements against the late Israel Asper, O.C., O.M., Q.C., L.L.D. We have removed every identified poster and continue to patrol campus to support a safe environment. We are engaging with the Winnipeg Police Service and asking them to investigate.”

With a clarity lacking from Ivy League schools in their testimony before Congress this week, the U of M made clear, “The content of these posters is a clear violation of the university’s Respectful Work and Learning Environment (RWLE) Policy.”

The University provided no context to the nature of the objectionable statements about Izzy Asper on the 70 posters removed.

CBC followed the next day with a story that shed exactly zero light on the nature of the posters, leaving the door open for the public to assume it was furthering  a neo-Nazi or “Far-Right” agenda- CBC’s favorite and only source of any blame for antisemitism and attacks on Jews (except for when they claim it’s Donald Trump’s fault).

ActionLine has no problem making sure that Winnipeggers know exactly what kind of lies and deception these low-life scumballs resorted to in poisoning the Fort Garry campus and trying to incite violence against Jewish students and staff.

To fight hate, we have to know where it’s coming from, what the distorted messaging says, and how vile the promoters of the narrative are.

A good clue is a quote on the flier:

“For Zionism to succeed you need to have a Jewish state, with a Jewish flag and a Jewish language. The person who really understand this is your fascist,” claimed the person the quote is attributed to.

Benito Mussolini.

In the quote, Mussolini points the finger at the “Fascist” behind modern Zionism.


The poster claims that he “looked towards Italy for inspiration in construction of a Zionist state.”

The poster claimed “the continued open celebration of the Asper name at the University of Manitoba should inspire a deep sense of disgust in every individual who rightfully understands themselves as standing against all forms of fascism…”

So Izzy Asper was a “fascist” who, it was noted, grew up as a fan of Vladimir Jabotinski and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin (as though that’s a bad thing). Ergo the title of the disgusting poster:

“Call To Action – demand immediate end to honouring fascist sympathizer”

Neither CBC or the U of M made any mention that the attack on Asper was rooted in citing Mussolini, of all people, as an expert source.

Who were they protecting by concealing the attempt to link Mussolini with Izzy Asper?

The same people made idiotic claims that “Asper used his wealth born from monopolizing many Canadian newspapers and television channels to promote the strand of Zionism on the radical right wing.”

The guy who fought tooth and nail to create an alternative to CBC and CTV was a … monopolist? That’s about as deep as you can go in the far-left anti-Semite playbook.

“The University MUST propose a clear plan to remove all forms ot honouring the fascist donour (sic) including renaming building, scholarship, and other entities associated with their ncontributions.”

CBC didn’t report that these Jew-haters want the U of M to be Asper-rein. Why not?

If they had, then maybe the public would have a chance of understanding how deep the Jew-hate goes in academia, how deep the parasitic mind-rot is at the U of M, and how the administration has emboldened these kinds of “anti-Zionist” attacks on the Jewish community by letting marches chanting for intifada take place on the campus.

Maybe the CBC didn’t because it would have allowed the public to recognize the link between the loudest “anti-Zionist” radicals in the city – the “Pro-Palestine” mob – and the attack on Izzy and the Aspers.

(Note: The Winnipeg media consistently fails to tell the whole story about vile antisemitic harassment in our community – such as this incident in a high school basketball game: TGCTS Video: Antisemitic incident bet. Winnipeg High Schools- The Great Canadian Talk Show Podcast Feb. 21 2023 )