In Part 1 we provide a brief look at upcoming reports that – like this episode about unsafe working conditions for Winnipeg nurses – will follow-up on recent events and investigations featured on TGCTS podcasts.

During December, listeners will hear about the reaction to the belated apology of PC MLA Obby Khan for signing a letter of support for ⁠a Jew-hating U of M nursing student⁠; the arrest of a suspect in ⁠the murder of 4 victims on Langside Street⁠; and more news the MSM won’t tell you about ⁠the dysfunctional, dishonest City of Winnipeg bike lane planning⁠.

And there will be an update on the extremist, far-left groups fronting antisemitic Islamist marches in Winnipeg and across Canada– and their link to violent terrorist organizations.

An assault inside the Health Sciences Centre in 2018

14:35 Part 2 More Nurses In Unsafe Workplaces

A) A listener assisted a friend at Seven Oaks Hospital this week. They learned that with 50 people waiting for care, the staff said there was one doctor on duty. ONE.

B) The Manitoba Nurses Union posted an email from an ER nurse who is at her breaking point.

Hear how she had to call the cops EVERY NIGHT to remove violent dangerous patients who refuse to leave when discharged “who all had histories of violence to ER/UC staff.”

“I’m scared I’m going to be physically injured. I have psychosomatic symptoms thinking about going to work, and anxiety before my shifts start.”

Sick patients “left due to the vulgarity” of derelicts and addicts: “I was called multiple expletives loudly in the waiting room on 3 separate occasions last night”

“There is more value placed on meat at Superstore than people who have chosen to make it their careers to help people.

C) Marty Gold reviews the comments on her plea for help, including from a husband of an HSC ER nurse, who painted an even bleaker picture. He alleged:

“These problems are exacerbated by the street drugs that patients are allowed to leave for hours with open wounds to obtain, or are brought in by guests.”

⁠Should nurses finally invoke the law about unsafe workplaces⁠ and refuse to work their shifts? He thinks so. Another person noted, “Not only does it affect nurses but further traumatizes patients… who would want to become a nurse when these are the working conditions!”

32:00 Part 3- In wrapping up, you’ll hear about a breaking story we will have in the next 48 hours, involving a leaked report alleging that impropriety by Transit union honchos was covered up.

Some drivers believe the allegations may put the ATU leadership in a conflict of interest, as they are urging members to vote to accept the final contract offer of the City instead of going on strike. As if transit service in Winnipeg needed more problems.

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