Politicians and newsrooms alike are over-run with confusion and cowardice as open Antisemitism collides with what used to be Canadian norms. Episode 32 begins with an overview of some recent examples:

– Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to join 15,000 people gathered in Ottawa on Monday to support Israel and Jewish safety in Canada. Recently he tried to lecture Israel about casualty reports from Hamas as Israel fights back.

We’ve published a takedown of Trudeau from Dr. Rafael Medoff, who cited how Canadian forces had no qualms about the civilian costs incurred in battles to defeat Hitler in Italy and Germany. ⁠⁠⁠https://actionline.ca/2023/12/killing-civilians-canada-should-recall-its-own-record-before-lecturing-israel-dr-rafael-medoff/⁠⁠⁠

– Trudeau isn’t alone in making things worse for Jews in Canada. Monday night CTV News did their part. Hear all about it::

When Marty Gold challenged their description of the Ottawa rally as being ‘pro-war’, over 35,000 saw his tweet – and hundreds joined his call for Omar Sachedina to retract and apologize. Dean Skoreyko ⁠provided his formal complaint⁠.

There’s been chants for “intifada revolution” in numerous cities at what are clearly hate marches targeting Jews, and never has CTV mentioned it to their viewers.

– Israel revoked the visa of a Canadian, Lynn Hastings, who is a UN Deputy Co-ordinator. The MSM won’t report why: she supports UNRWA schools which promote genocide against Jews and refused to condemn Hamas.

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18:28 Part 2- Tory MLA Obby Khan issued an apology for “failing to do my due diligence” before signing a letter of support for a U of Manitoba nursing student.

Her suspension was, as it turned out, ⁠because of her Jew-hating online posts and other unprofessional behavio⁠r. Instead of quelling the controversy, Khan is getting flak from prominent local Palestinians- part of his political base- for daring to call the student’s actions antisemitic.

You will hear his apology, the Muslims who claim he betrayed them, the reaction from Jewish residents, and a letter Khan and PC leader Heather Stefanson received that revealed the Hitler-referencing, antisemitic comments of a local Palestinian leader, which “directly violate the IHRA definition of antisemitism adopted by the province during the PCs’ tenure.”

Khan had gladly posed with that person at the Legislature at his recent swearing-in, and the Jewish community noticed. He’s been challenged to publicly rebuke their online hate speech and the weekly rallies that showcase radical Islamist and Marxist speakers, who repeat blood libels against Israelis and Jews.

While members of the Jewish community at first rushed to thank him for his belated stand, they expect more of Khan and Stefanson. Will the Tories take that next step and denounce their “resistance”-supporting political allies?

The letter also referred to ⁠a column by former PC MLA Kevin Klein.⁠ You’ll hear his call for the Conservatives to show moral clarity and “to recognize clearly that radical ideologies like anti-semitism are spreading within our institutions, like our universities, and we need to fight back against that.”

We have listener comments from Tory voters disgusted that Khan and Selkirk MLA Richard Perchotte were suckered into endorsing “The radical zealotry from the Palestinian mob.”

41:29 Part 3- What’s coming up on the podcast and ActionLine.ca- Is Wab Kinew about to become the Christmas Grinch?


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