We open Episode 2 with a review of the great response to Episode 1 of 2024, about Dr. Joss ‘Pollyanna’ Reimer, who continues in the footsteps of WRHA leaders the public doesn’t trust. There will be a follow-up…

7:34 Part 2⁠A Twitter post⁠ by Dr. David Jacobs, President of the Ontario Association of Radiologists, caught Marty’s eye last week, and with good reason.

“Attached is celebrated Geriatrician Dr. Ted Rosenberg’s letter of resignation to UBC Medical School. After 30 years of distinguished teaching, he no longer feels safe in the UBC environment.”

When Marty read through the correspondence, he realized the doctor who took a stand against rampant antisemitism at the University of British Columbia was a former Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate schoolmate in Winnipeg- Teddy Rosenberg.

You’ll hear about the career he built treating the elderly and keeping families together, and the recognition from his peers.

After an antisemitic petition signed by 200 med students and over 100 faculty members ⁠was launched in October⁠, Rosenberg asked top administrators to rectify the toxic campus environment targeting staff and students who were Jewish or Zionists.

ACTIONLINE BREAKING NEWS- UBC Dental Instructor Who Signed That Petition Caught Spreading Antisemitic Conspiracies About 9/11 and Oct. 7

His Nov. 29 letter to UBC president Benoit-Antoine Bacon and university brass stated, “This petition and other similar statements on campus, as well as the inaction by UBC, makes me wonder if antisemitism has become systemic in this institution.”

“Why do these efforts for diversity and inclusion come to an abrupt halt when it involves ‘including and protecting’ Jewish/Zionist students and faculty?”

Rosenberg wasn’t wrong and they tried to blow him off.

Just before Christmas he and 283 physicians sent another plea:

“This is resulting in hate speech, student intimidation, and the feelings of many students and teachers that they are working in a toxic environment. Several of us have expressed concerns to you in writing and are waiting for specific responses.”

After getting nowhere, Rosenberg showed more guts than every leader of the “organized Jewish community” in Canada has mustered – and quit the medical faculty on January 2.

You’ll hear his resignation letter, and his dismantling of the cowardly academics hiding behind “DEI” programs- and how he searched high and low for any mention on the UBC websites of Jews or antisemitism, and found none.

“One third of the medical students and some faculty, have publicly expressed their contempt towards me, as a Jew. I cannot take the risk of being accused of implicit harassment or racism, which is indefensible, by a ‘triggered’ student.”

There’s plenty more details in Marty’s review of Dr. Rosenberg’s letters and t⁠he crude behavior he described⁠ that UBS honchos refuse to confront. It’s a pattern we are seeing from politicians, police and academic institutions across Canada.

Teddy Rosenberg is ⁠the hero we all need⁠.

28:57 Part 3- The fig-leaf that DEI provides to attack Jews and Israel was the beginning of the end for Harvard President Claudine Gay. A key figure demanding accountability in Ivy League schools is Bill Ackman, a leading Jewish financier and philanthropist.

This weekend Ackman explained how the destructive nature of DEI in the higher education system can convince a generation that some of us are oppressors, and others are the oppressed, and provide justifications for what kinds and what degree of violence and terrorism are appropriate tools to address this perceived oppression.”

Marty discusses how he relates it to education and medical faculties, the justice system, and even voting rights. Ackman’s wife is now ⁠under attack by Business Insider⁠ as revenge, and he’s fighting back.

“Even the mafia operates with more dignity and respect for family, and I apologize to the mafia for the comparison.”

The Jewish community in Canada needs more people like Teddy Rosenberg and Bill Ackman.