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Marty Gold outlines unique upcoming topics – including analyzing Wab Kinew’s far-left Gaza gambit – that will continue to earn the support of those seeking a voice and listeners turned off by being force-fed MSM narratives.

13.20 – A brief analysis of the underlying political rivalries behind the budget debate about closing 3 outdoor pools.

Marty cites how the same tactics used a few years ago to demolish his childhood wading pool at Clara Hughes Park were again in play to set up the latest proposed closures. While Mayor Gillingham plays coy, the media lets him off the hook for an administration willing to slash services for poorer neighborhoods.

While Coun. Sherri Rollins signaled she favours saving Winakwa pool (but not Happyland Park), no one in the media is assessing if the residents affected are being rewarded or punished because of the politics between rival councilors.

Matt Allard frantically argued at the Community Services meeting for money to keep those pools open as St. Boniface becomes the North End of the South End. We ask, are councilors getting back at him for how he lorded over Public Works when he was Chair, and his conduct at Council meetings?

23:20 Part 2 – Crime Courts and Public Safety Update

– You’ll hear about a violent March 5 incident inside HSC, how it relates to a March 7 announcement by NDP Health Minister Uzoma Asagwara, the Manitoba Nurses Union mocking arming new safety officers with “verbal Judo”, and a 14 year HSC nurse who fled west after assaults and the “constant threat” of violence at work.

Also from HSC– a lawsuit over an Emily St. parkade elevator that crashed, severely injuring a doctor.

– What did 4 teens learn after using pepper spray and brass knuckles on security guards at the Forks on March 7? That they don’t spend even 24 hours being locked up, even if they were breaching court orders. Listeners offer some opinions.

“How safe does anyone feel going to the Forks which can now be designated a high crime zone.”

– Transit safety officers needed police back-up after pulling a goon off a bus at Main Street near Portage during rush hour on March 9. Is there any public place in Winnipeg that’s safe anymore? ⁠⁠Someone should ask Dr. Joss Reimer.⁠

38:59 Part 3 – The more we dig into the safety survey numbers, the worse police chief Danny Smyth looks.

Listen to how truly awful the state of public safety is, when only 10% of males and 5% of females feel safe downtown at night.

And if you think that’s bad, wait till you hear about Smyth and councilors pretending burglars aren’t waiting to get their hands on residential water-use data to find out when you aren’t home.

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