The controversial war resulting from the terror attack on Israeli settlements by Hamas on October 7th has affected almost every sphere of society from domestic politics to academia to entertainment. And a lot of it is rooted in far-left lies, Jew-hate, and political expediency.

In Episode 27, we look those affects with examples from the macrocosm – the Oscars and the Trudeau Liberal’s foreign policy – and then the microcosm, after Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew attempted to play both sides.

A rebuke from a former Winnipegger in Israel exposed his shallow understanding of the war to eradicate Hamas, and of antisemitism.

Part 1- You’ll hear about what happened in Hollywood: ⁠‘Zone of Interest’ Executive Producer Danny Cohen Refutes Director Jonathan Glazer’s Oscar Speech: ‘I Just Fundamentally Disagree’⁠

“The war and the continuation of the war is the responsibility of Hamas, a genocidal terrorist organization which continues to hold and abuse the hostages, which doesn’t use its tunnels to protect the innocent civilians of Gaza but uses it to hide themselves and allow Palestinians to die. I think the war is tragic and awful and the loss of civilian life is awful but I blame Hamas for that”

9.00 – National Post: Mélanie Joly visits Israel only to trivialize Hamas’s sexual violence

After restoring funding to the Hamas front group UNRWA, Joly announced equal funding to both Israeli and alleged Palestinian victims of sexual violence. Then, accompanied by Minister of mental health and addiction Ya’ara Saks, they struck a collegial pose with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas – a Holocaust and October 7 atrocity denier who makes hefty ‘Martyr’ payments to the families of terrorists that murdered Jews.

Israel’s Special Envoy for Combatting Antisemitism, former Montrealer Michal Cotler-Wunsh, “⁠slammed⁠ the Canadian foreign minister for perpetuating a “false moral equivalence” between Hamas’s coordinated use of ⁠sexual torture⁠ on Oct. 7 and allegations of sexual misconduct levied against individual Israelis.”

“Canadian tax (dollars) supporting blood libel inversion of fact (and) law.”

“Why is Joly insistent on “all lives matter-ing” the organized sexual violence perpetrated by Hamas against Israeli women and girls?” asked Rahim Mohamed. “(It’s) an affront to reality.”

The ‘why’ is ⁠a political calculation that Joe Roberts described⁠:

“Justin Trudeau’s legacy will be the abandonment of our allies—leaving a Canada that cannot answer the call of NATO, but happily answers the call of the antisemitic mob. Shameful.”

18:33 Part 2 – We dissect Wab Kinew’s ceasefire call– a gambit to assure the Jewish community he’s an ally, while at the same time asserting Muslims are victims of Israel having “little regard for civilians.”

Ignoring facts on the ground that disprove his concept of how war against Islamists and their supporters is waged and why there’s a “famine” in Gaza, you’ll hear how Kinew is playing the human rights card to placate the antisemites in the NDP and the pro-Hamas protest mob leaders, revealing ⁠”a tremendous amount of ignorance and naivety.”⁠

43:41 Part 3 – Marty Gold reads the response from a former classmate who lives in Southern Israel to Kinew’s misguided and misinformed statement.

Hear how combat to eliminate terrorists is taking place door-to-door, with support for Hamas and Hitler found inside those homes.

Instead of Kinew comprehending that like the Nazis, Hamas must totally surrender, “Calling for a ceasefire may be politically correct and an attempt to pander to all constituencies, but it is, in fact, cowardly and morally corrupt. You can do better.”

Episode 27 concludes with a look at⁠ how Hamas has faked casualty reports⁠ “because the daily totals increase too consistently to be real… they assigned about 70% of the total to be women and children, (and) in-filled the number of men as set by the predetermined total.”

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