Shuttering foster and group homes, parading like a fashionista at the United Nations, holding court for a compliant media after dodging opposition criticism in Question Period – it’s a wonder Nahanni Fontaine has found time to get her nails done this month.

But the Manitoba Families Minister has set tongues wagging after whining about how her BFF, police chief Danny Smyth, correctly laid the blame at her feet for kids in the care of her department behind a wave of slashing, robbing and mugging innocent people in Winnipeg.

Part 1 The matriarch of the radical NDP caucus, Nahanni Fontaine has darted in and out of the headlines in March. The MSM has avoided assessing her race-baiting history, narcissistic self-promotion, and selective moral outrage.

In Episode 30, we tie it all into her handling of the Spirit Rising House foster care contracts for 13 facilities, and her drive-by smear of the police chief’s concerns about violent youths.

9.00– While the Children’s Advocate criticized Spirit Rising for providing pot to kids to keep them away from seeking drugs on the street, ⁠she added there’s no harm reduction strategy⁠ for kids in care, “a systemic failure that will lead to continued long-term harm for children and youth across the province.”

Despite only 2 of the homes being implicated in the practice, Fontaine decided to order that over 30 kids be pulled from all the homes.

13.05- Parents blasted Fontaine and the NDP for thinking it’s ok to hand out drug use kits for meth addicts as “harm reduction” – but dropping the hammer over cannabis.

“It’s saving my daughter’s life and keeping her away from the harder street drugs she was addicted to. I don’t have any problem with that… They took her to AA meetings, they did everything — they’re teachers, they’re parents where the parents aren’t, they’re therapists.”

We examine if Fontaine’s agenda to throttle services that save the lives of Level 5 kids is to undermine the owners.

18.00 – Right after Fontaine took an entourage on her role-playing eastern tour, Danny Smyth told the press about terrifying attacks across the city with a common denominator- perps that are wards of Fontaine’s department.

He said “attention needs to be addressed to the needs of these kids that are in the system.” Then, Fontaine came back, obviously flustered.

25:20 Part 2- “⁠Heads-up would’ve been nice, Fontaine says of chief⁠” wrote the Free Press. And when the Tories blasted her “jet-setting” and social media obsession in Question Period, “Fontaine didn’t respond to their questions but agreed to a media interview in her office.”

She sneered about “pockets” of violent incidents, denied any failure, and expressed no remorse for the traumatized victims of these thugs. Not even for the women.

But as you’ll hear, Fontaine has a history of picking and choosing which victims she’d help- and if their oppressors were her allies, they’d be talking to the hand. Did she stand by as Aboriginal Women’s Advisor when the NDP diverted federal benefits for kids in care, or did she raise her voice?

39.30- After claiming Smyth’s remarks could fuel anti-indigenous racism, Fontaine raised eyebrows with a comment about Smyth having her personal cel number.

While Premier Kinew called her an “inspiration”, a rally at the Legislature by kids being forced to move before Easter after thriving with Spirit Rising House foster parents and guardians, had a different view of Fontaine’s edict.

Marty Gold reviews past occasions, such as when staff and clients from the Native Women’s Transition Centre begged Fontaine for help dealing with a well-connected director engineering a toxic workplace, and Fontaine refused to stand with those in need.

She gets no real analysis or criticism from the Winnipeg media, but those that deal with her learn she’s no inspiration.

Coming up: Interviews with City Councilors, another family has a 911 complaint, and more on Manitoba’s top doc!