As a result of Justin Trudeau catering to a voter demographic he desperately needs to cling to power, it’s become open season on Jews and supporters of Israel across Canada.

In Episode 24, Marty Gold explains scenes from 1930’s Germany in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. He warns, it’s going to come to Winnipeg too – because our political leaders fear the mobs.

We provide a snapshot of the last week with major incidents of Islamists and far-left radicals intimidating and threatening not only Jewish citizens and institutions – but a Trudeau event with the Italian Prime Minister and a Liberal Party fundraiser, both in Toronto.

Trudeau claimed that pro-Palestine demonstrators were “peaceful protesters” when this started; now they are chanting antisemitic slurs, blood libels like “Gaza is a genocide”, and “death to Jews”.

A key goal- for Trudeau to resume funding antisemitic front group UNRWA, no matter its support for Hamas and hiding kidnappers. And he caved.

Part 1 – Facts the Winnipeg media don’t tell the public, starting with how the January attack on Edmonton City Hall was, ⁠as we told Coun. Ross Eadie⁠, a terrorist attack.

Then we have the details about the ‘student’ groups bragging about stopping Trudeau’s reception for Giorgia Meloni and complaining they’re being ‘vilified’ for chasing a cabinet minister and screaming, shoving and spitting at seniors. Trudeau’s “anti-Islamophobia” envoy Amira Elghawaby ran cover for the thugs.

Hours later a Thornhill synagogue was targeted with noisy megaphoned chants and retched offensive signs, and the mob made police back off making an arrest for assault.

17.40- What happens when authorities do nothing? We describe the Jew-hating posters promoting an Intifada, plastered in public the next morning- and we have audio of a blockade of a Liberal fundraiser that night and harassment of donors because they “support genocide”. A CUPE leader was front and centre in the melee.

The intimidation extended to a Raptors game, where “Free Our Hostages” sweatshirts – advocating for kidnapped Israelis- were deemed too political for a sport that religiously parades BLM and diversity causes.

24:17 Part 2- Intentional intimidation of Jewish residents and facilities in Trudeau’s town as police stood down.

We have a round-up of aggressive mob incidents in Montreal at McGill University and at the oldest Synagogue in Canada- where there’s a Holocaust museum.

You’ll hear the “pro-Palestinian” chants to kill Jews and threats of ethnic cleansing of Israel – did Winnipeg media mention it?

On Wednesday the urban terrorists targeted yet another Jewish building in Toronto. Yet Trudeau’s cabinet ministers lied about caring about Jewish safety and defended UNRWA. Marty provides more background on Hamas obstructing and stealing aid, creating the propaganda of “mass starvation” that helps fuels the protests.

41.50 – Selina Robinson was a BC cabinet minister in January. Now she’s left the party of ‘inclusion’ and issued a scorching letter citing antisemitic bias and a pro-Hamas slant inside the NDP caucus that has abandoned BC’s Jews.

“Where are you when protesters, their faces covered, march through our campuses intimidating young Jewish adults…? Where are you when young Jewish students get trapped in bathrooms? Where are your ideals of [an] inclusive society?”

48:18 Part 3 – The bigger picture is an attempt to normalize slaughter and violence under the banner of “decolonization and liberation.”

Marty walks through ⁠an analysis by Seth Franzman⁠ that describes the Hamas attack on October 7 at the behest of Iran and other nefarious actors “… to reset the entire Middle East and also have global ramifications… asserting that any mass killing by Hamas is acceptable… “

It’s “a dry run for genocide basically, to wrap genocidal massacres in the “resistance” agenda…and see if people in the West would accept this.”

Is that the Winnipeg and Canada we want? Send this podcast to your political leaders and ask them.

And if you are a leader- what will you do to end protests and blockades motivated by Jew-hatred?