After a brief recap of our winter funding campaign and a preview of a few upcoming items, we turn to the NDP government of Wab Kinew.

What direction will his Health Minister Uzoma Asagwara try to steer addictions policy towards? If they intend to emulate British Columbia, that direction is- Scandal after Scandal after Cover-up.

9:43 Part 2- There’s already signs that Kinew skirts accuracy when trumpeting ‘improvements’ to adding beds at HSC.

He announced “50” but the media missed that 27 were already in “temporary” use- meaning the net gain was really 23 beds. How else will the NDP try to fool Manitobans? Well, they already won’t discuss the actual number of new hires in health care.

The radfem ‘Squad’ in his caucus are champions of decriminalization and a $2.5M legal injection site as a “harm reduction” strategy. We know none of them- especially Nahanni Fontaine- will have it built near their own homes and won’t experience for themselves the associated decline in neighborhood safety. Their supporters want them to next rush into “safer supply”.

Kinew played coy, saying he’s moving “one step at a time” and will follow where the evidence leads.”

We discuss the evidence he will no doubt ignore; how “Most studies which support the strategy use low-quality research methodologies that are considered unacceptable in most healthcare studies.”

Lessons from BC the Winnipeg media won’t tell you about– the NDP government spent nearly a year ⁠dismissing safer supply diversion as an “urban myth,”⁠  Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry assured the public that diversion was being closely monitored- which was recently exposed as a lie.

It took a challenge from the Alberta government, dealing with the impact of criminal gangs flooding ‘safer supply’ drugs into their communities, for the BC scam to be exposed.

22.00- Nurses in BC got a memo ordering them to allow open drug use in maternity and other wards and not to call the RCMP. And reporting it to their bosses was futile.

Premier Dave Eby and his Ministers denied fentanyl was being smoked inside hospitals, and also cited an RCMP press release claiming “there is currently no evidence to support a widespread diversion of safer supply drugs in the illicit market in BC or Canada.”

Nurses called out the lies about their workplace safety. Then it was learned⁠ a gag order was placed on RCMP detachments ⁠about safe supply drugs seized in raids or any other aspect of the program, because Eby is facing an election. And the opposition uncovered that no data (evidence) was being collected to begin with.

These were NDP deceptions to protect their policies on drug decriminalization and safer supply.

32.00 – That isn’t the only NDP cover-up in BC. You’ll hear of a grant system (funded by Carbon Taxes) for electric truck manufacturers, where MNP pressured companies to pay them to write up their applications and kick back 20% if successful.

Conveniently, MNP was empowered to decide on which applications to recommend for the grant awards.

When one company raised an alarm about the racket, they were shunned by Eby’s government, which coincidentally announced a review of the controversial grant program- to be conducted by MNP.

An opposition motion to investigate was voted down by the NDP majority- but after the whistleblower exposed the kickback cover-up, Eby was forced to reintroduce the motion and vote for it after voting against it.

We saw NDP operatives who ruined Alberta pack their bags and get handsome raises to take on roles in the Kinew government in Manitoba.

Will he next absorb refugee hacks from BC, and import their advanced style of cover-up, corruption and kickbacks? Don’t bet against it.

37:17 Part 3 – Future episodes will include interviews with families questioning police and 911 dealings with their deceased relatives, city councilor interviews, and a Taxpayers Federation overview of the City and Provincial budgets.