The spotlight is on the Manitoba Legislature in Episode 38, and we report on what people are talking about, what we’ve heard, and what we’re willing to guess.

Part 1- The day Heather Stefanson walks out of 450 Broadway is coming up fast. We look at the jockeying for her Tuxedo seat, and for her former job as leader of the Progressive Conservative party.

She faced an unprecedented campaign of intimidation during the election ⁠as we reported⁠. The mainstream media didn’t report the story for hours. And in the case of CJOB radio and the evening TV newscasts, NOT AT ALL.

A new name has emerged from outside Winnipeg as a possible contender, while one caucus member is clearly going to take a run for the crown. Another may also be heading for the exit.

The former Premier is giving up her constituency office space, which resulted in a humorous sidebar discussion among the Grant Ave. community.

23:54 Part 2- Multiple sources from different directions have told TGCTS that there was a domestic incident in March involving a veteran Manitoba MLA.

It started as a whisper, but now it’s the talk of the town around politically-connected circles. And word is spreading, because it might be heading to court.

And, we hear, the government is anxiously awaiting the fall-out.

You’ll hear enough in this podcast to wonder what other rumours circulating about public figures might be more than gossip or an urban myth.

Upcoming episodes: Homelessness, housing and harm reduction in Winnipeg with Kelly Ryback; Questions about a bias in 911 responses; and City Councilor interviews!