The shooting of Brad Singer by Winnipeg police, and the effect of his death on his family, is the topic of Episode 40.

The Singer family are trying to raise financial support for the sudden and significant costs they have had to bear, as you’ll hear in this podcast – the link to donate is ⁠⁠

Part 1- Gerry Singer joins the podcast to discuss his brother Brad falling into mental illness, and the medical and prescription history that led to police trying to haul Bradley Singer into custody for a mental health examination.

In particular Gerry notes the difference between how cops used to handle Brad in the past, and the fact he was never charged with a violent crime, with the SWAT-style raid on February 14.

He explains how Brad started spiraling in October and became withdrawn. He was taken in by police for an examination in January, causing thousands of dollars in damage to the Magnus Avenue home. You’ll hear how the medical system interacted with Brad after he departed the hospital.

16.35– “Then about a week and a half later these IIU people come to my residence and tell me that Brad was involved in – they called it an altercation – with police officers and he’s been shot several times.”

Supposedly Brad was taken into surgery – but what the family was told at HSC raised a red flag.

“I couldn’t believe they shot him dead executing a mental health warrant… it’s so unnecessary for this to happen.”

21:12 Part 2 Hear us review the details of the shooting compiled by the Black Rod blog, which described other recent cases where gun-toting felons barricaded inside homes were not shot. Apprehending a 59 year old mental health patient needed lethal force?

Gerry says IIU told the family they could not see the body, or be told if police at the scene had tasers that could have been used instead of bullets, because it would somehow interfere with their investigation.

He questions how the confrontation was handled, what ‘ a large edged weapon’ meant – insisting his brother did not owned a machete or large knives – and why a crew of 9 Tactical unit cops wearing body armour thought Brad was a danger to them.

As the Black Rod wrote: “The only legal reason for shooting him to death was if he was a threat to somebody. To whom?”

30:30 – “They left this huge puddle of his blood there… I’m not sure he made it to the hospital alive.”

The mystery of why non-lethal tactics like tasers, were seemingly not considered haunts the family. They’re calling for an inquest.

“The truth would be nice.”

A photo of Brad Singer

You’ll also hear how the entire Black Rod site was – without explanation – blocked from the Internet within days of their post stating a jury trial, and not the IIU, should determine if the police crossed the line into criminal conduct by shooting Brad Singer and killing him. Why were they censored?

38.20 – Gerry Singer sums up the family’s concerns, how their lawyer’s inquiries have not been acknowledged, how they received an ambulance bill, and were tricked into footing the bill for boarding up the house damaged by cops.

As Marty Gold points out, the police complain about derelict housing but then created a derelict house by bashing out the doors – and afterwards a grieving family was expected to clean up their brother’s puddle of blood on the floor and seal the home from looters.