In Episode 46, you’ll hear about ⁠the Louis Riel School Division By-Election⁠ to fill a Trustee seat in Ward 1 on June 6th.

School board elections have long been used as a farm club for the Manitoba NDP- and with no spending or donation rules it’s a wild-west environment for unions and other radical groups to seize a lever of political power.

After the LRSD Board forced Francine Champagne to resign, 5 residents have ⁠⁠filed nomination papers⁠⁠. Unlike Winnipeg’s MSM, we explain the far-left lens used to determine that she failed the ideological purity test demanded by the other trustees.

As the Black Rod reported, LRSD has adopted the teachings of a Brazilian educator celebrated by Marxists. Paulo Friere’s foundational belief was students must liberate themselves and become social justice warriors:

“All education is political; teaching is never a neutral act”.  

The disastrous effect on math education in Manitoba was⁠ explained in our last podcast⁠.

LRSD is at the forefront of indoctrinating employees and students with “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism” mandates. After all, who’s against anti-racism and inclusion?

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Parents represented by Francine Champagne believe that children should be allowed, for instance, to mature at their own pace and to grow up and form healthy adult relationships- and she said so. To ‘Woke educators’ this is hate speech.

Now those parents and the rest of the electorate have to pick a replacement for Champagne. Marty discusses what he knows about 4 of those candidates- and then interviews the fifth.

20:11  Part 2- Sandra Saint-Cyr describes moving to Winnipeg as a teen and an education career that spanned the UK, Sweden, Norway and Manitoba- which included an FN-run school and then 3 schools within LRSD.

Married to a retired policeman and mother to 4 children, she tells how “My focus has always been centralized on the learner and the family behind the learner.”

She states the Division has been excelling in literacy programming after going back to the basics after ‘whole language’ curriculum proved a failure.

29.00- Saint-Cyr believes “Parents make good parents but large, multilayered governmental organizations never make good parents.”

An election campaign ad sample for Sandra Saint- Cyr (supplied)

At the door, voters tell her they “want to be informed and to have a voice,“ but aren’t sure how. She notes the protocols for “LRSD Policy AC – Respect for Human Diversity,” are not widely known about by teachers, let alone parents.

That policy is cited to justify keeping parents in the dark about their kids experimenting with gender identity.

“If we’re withholding critical information about a child’s development from the parent… we have systems and supports in place (like clinical support). Those systems work very well and at no point prior to this have I experienced when the parent wouldn’t be fully informed.”

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38:22 Part 3- A Free Press report claimed “they are elected to represent the perspective of their constituents,” but when Champagne did that, she was labeled a bigot who “fell out of line”.

Marty asks Saint-Cyr about the lack of ideological diversity on the LRSD Board. Citing a 2017 provincial rule, she says “our only option is to affirm” a student’s gender spectrum self-ID.

50.00- “A teacher’s being asked to diagnose and support a decision we have no expertise to do… It’s critical that parents are part of every decision we make for students.”

But with numerous countries now backing off transitioning underage youth, “parental consent is at the heart of the issue. We need to involve the family.”

Saint-Cyr shares concerns of some parents about sexualized library content. “That is an area that needs attention and I believe change,” which will depend on parents stepping forward at Board meetings to bring questions forward.

( Sandra Saint-Cyr can be reached via email [email protected] )