A recap of violent incidents across the city is the theme of Episode 48, including a possible lead in an inner-city homicide.

Part 1- Our recent episodes get a mention, as does the controversy about antisemitism on display at the University of Manitoba medical school graduation- which earned a stern rebuke from the Rady family. Will this issue trip up the all-about-health-care NDP at the doors in the Tuxedo by-election?

8:48 Part 2- Disturbing details of separate mall parking lot beatings in Tuxedo and Grant Park that newsrooms haven’t warned the community about, but we do.

One victim lost almost every tooth in their mouth, to a trio who took off in a stolen car; the other was carjacked in a brazen noon hour assault. One senior said they won’t even carry plastic to the mall anymore, lest they be purse-snatched.

Then we continue east to Osborne Village, where Mayor Gillingham visited the neighborhood with CBC last week to address the rampant crime that forced Starbucks to shutter. As Marty Gold explains, corporate practices that tolerated drugged out zombies using the restaurant until it was too late were part of the problem.

18.50- Gillingham made the point that social issues don’t underlie every incident, and that some criminals just “think they can get away with it.”

While that seems an entirely reasonable statement, an anti-cop, anti-capitalist, antisemitic professor at the University of Winnipeg ivory tower pounced with a Marxist word salad:

“This rhetoric is made possible by concessions to the separation of criminalized people into categories of those who deserve to be policed and those who don’t… Regardless of the person or issue being policed, policing is a repressive and harmful response.”

Her oppression narrative was immediately dismantled by a critic who raised the eruption of consequence-free Liquor Mart carry-out heists a few years ago, and by a fellow who works in a beer vendor describing the threats he gets.

If policing represses violent thieves, the working class seems to be all for it.

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22.30- Continuing on to St. Boniface, one 7-11 is already closed overnight, and another might not be far behind after a failed 2 am robbery.

A 17 year old with priors unloaded bear spray but was tackled by 2 customers. We wonder what would keep kids like this out of trouble… more recreation probably?… except Council keeps closing pools in the French quarter.

25.30 Foodfare on Portage at Arlington keeps appearing in headlines, but after 3 employees got the brass knuckle treatment from (yet another) 17 year old, one detail wasn’t heard in the news.

He had been tossed out of the supermarket earlier and returned for revenge, but sources tell us- he brought some friends. Is that the kind of gang Wab Kinew said he’d go after?

27.00- A body was found in the back lane around the 400 block of Notre Dame near Isabel last Tuesday. You’ll want to hear about a potential clue from someone who had played online video games with the victim, Leo Amus Caribou, and was trying to find out what happened.

Rounding out the episode is a couple of arrests of violent criminals with a common denominator – failure to comply.

One case involved a slew of weapons and drugs; the other, trying to mow down store employees with a stolen car.

Just remember that to the Criminal Justice experts at the U of W, “policing is a repressive and harmful response.”

Coming up: Updates on Happyland Pool, Tuxedo by-election candidates, and a chat with East Kildonan Coun. Jason Schreyer!