Episode 4 opens with exciting news, as the Winnipeg Sun has asked Marty Gold to become a regular Sunday columnist. It’s a result of the success of the TGCTS podcast, telling it like it is- with your support.

The first column, ‘Winnipeg transit like riding a bus in Gotham‘⁠ explained how the new ‘transit cops’ aren’t actually going to arrest anyone, and won’t be turfing fare jumpers either.

5.00 Part 1 – Following up on ⁠our interview with Elmwood-East Kildonan Councilor Jason Schreyer⁠ about the perilous state of civic finances, we next delved into ward and city-wide issues.

– Schreyer has first-hand experience with foot patrols, and “will do whatever I can” to help them monitor crime and public safety in EK.

– “It’s pretty sensible” to review if the City should restore community-based policing to Elmwood.

He questions a decision made before he was elected to eliminate the 2 cop offices in the ward.

“I need to look at that,” Schreyer says. “Why shouldn’t we? It’s not getting any better. It’s a human right for people to feel safe in their neighborhood.”

Schreyer understands the fear people have at night, as he regularly walks the area around the Redwood bridge.

15:20 Part 2- Schreyer admits that councilors have STILL never been told that 99 parking spots are being erased for Coun. Matt Allard’s bike lanes on Goulet, Marion and Traverse.

He only learned about ⁠it from our investigation⁠ into ⁠a rigged Open House⁠ last year.

– Public consultation for the ‘Moving on Marion” project ⁠failed to consult area businesses⁠ or the St. Boniface Hospital- and Schreyer acknowledges seeing ⁠the resulting gridlock on Goulet⁠ that delays all traffic including ambulances. “Hopefully within the whole process of doing this, we learn from it.”

21.30 – Maintaining timely ambulance services isn’t ever considered by city planners, Coun. Schreyer observes.

– He was asked about a hearing he chaired discussing a new 220 unit housing proposal- with a projected average tenant age of 72- on Dawson Road South and Fermor Avenue in the southeast quadrant. Does the City consider how long it will take to the nearest ER?

“I can’t remember the last time they mentioned that … These are things that cannot be ignored. We didn’t build these hospitals for nothing.”

24.00- Schreyer is surprised the City is refusing to provide a 911 call to a grieving family after a subsequent suicide.

He’s baffled why they were refused because of an alleged privacy exemption – “I thought 911 calls were public”- and says he will welcome hearing from the family about their fight with City Hall.

– Schreyer concludes the interview by complimenting our ‘Let’s get right down ta business’ style of reporting:

“You’re hitting the issues. All your questions deserve answers. Let’s keep going.”


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