Episode 35 is a special report about our coverage of Winnipeg’s troubled bike lane projects. There’s more trouble for the Moving on Marion scheme- and after an interview with a city councilor, we found trouble on the horizon for another City parking-killing project, after we clued in the area businesses.

When we interviewed Transcona Coun. Russ Wyatt on October 19, he had just heard something.

A favorite guest of ours on Kick-FM and on City Circus on Shaw-TV, ⁠Russ Wyatt was invited to explain⁠ why he raised the Osborne Village bike lane process with area Councilor Sherri Rollins at a committee.

You’ll hear the big reveal and the mutual concerns which led to us investigating.

8:16- We kept our eyes on it, and went down to Sargent Avenue.

Listen to the details: the West End Biz director confirmed something was in the air and that they hadn’t been consulted. Business owners told TGCTS they reject any idea of eliminating parking on Sargent, as they already struggle with rampant theft, crime and inflation.

And another factor raised– bike lanes will impede police and emergency response in the West End and to Health Sciences Centre.

Marty does some educated guesswork of where the bike lanes would go, how gridlocked it would be, and why no one at 510 Main Street cares- but we do.


19:32  Part 2- Around the City, the Bike Lanes review:

40:21- Listen to more from Russ Wyatt: he agrees the principles of the Assiniboine Bike Lane audit – “we will never do this again” and to provide fairness for all stakeholders – should be enforced by the 7 current Council members who voted for it in 2012, including him.

But he stresses – the problem with these faulty bike lane projects starts at the top.

45:00 Part 3- Why hasn’t the mainstream media reported on any of this? And, why we do.

Marty explains his extensive history at City Hall going back decades and as an advocate for the average Winnipegger and small businesses. Now, it’s more important than ever for you to have a watchdog.

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