A classic 3 segment TGCTS Podcast is set for your Easter weekend listening!

Part 1 – We open Episode 31 with your comments about Nahanni Fontaine’s March Madness– and we add a few more issues we didn’t mention yet, to the storm of controversy around her and her department.

When the NDP froze foster care per diems in 2012, did Fontaine ever tell Greg Selinger it was harming indigenous kids? Of course not, that might have resulted in losing her plum position as “Aboriginal Women’s Advisor.” And she’d never have gotten the NDP nomination in St. John’s.

18:50 Part 2- A brief explanation of the very negative consequences of the NDP regressing to a 1-1 ratio for trades apprentice supervision.

Marty Gold explains what will result: less trainees, less trainers, less training, less homebuilding, more costs to you. The NDP-supporting union is happy with that.

24.00- Happyland Park Pool supporters aren’t giving up- but a letter to Mayor Gillingham and city council shows how far trust in City Hall has fallen in the neighbourhood.

What will Matt Allard do to help their last-ditch fundraising, and to prevent the City from arbitrarily bulldozing the pool while they try to save it?

And speaking of St Boniface, Mrs. Mike’s on Tache wants to resume operations and was told it could take up to TWO MONTHS for an Occupancy Permit. Maybe Allard doesn’t eat burgers, but thousands of Winnipeggers do. We’ve asked Allard to get things speeded up and not let St. B be treated like the North End of the South End, yet again.

34.00 Newsmaker of the Year Andrew Marquess doesn’t trust City Hall either, and why should he?

City planners have ⁠invented yet another obstacle⁠ to approval of his Fulton Grove housing plan- and of all things, Coun. John Orlikow is empaneled to decide on it.

39:55 Part 3 – Crime Courts and Public Safety Update

– A Rally for Justice took place last week, and while ⁠the Free Press slanted their coverage⁠ to fit their narrative, we will be having organizer Mike Vogiatzakis on the podcast in the next few weeks ⁠to talk about his cause⁠ seeking to abolish catch-and-release policing.

– Two business stories: one a move and expansion, the other of business misadventure forcing a sale, with one thing in common- crime is badly affecting their sectors. It’s Brian Bowman’s legacy, that never gets pinned on him like it should.

– 49.35- Councilor Janice Lukes still hasn’t responded to our request for an interview but took a moment to compliment the police for handing out speeding tickets on the South Perimeter highway. That’s never been done before by city cops because it’s a provincial road handled by the RCMP.

Predatory speed traps aren’t legitimized just because drivers are duped into thinking the ticket was legal- and it’s another reason why no one trusts City Councilors to have their backs.

Considering the last spate of tickets near there handed out by cops were dropped by the Crown as illegal – as the Designated Construction Zone didn’t include the area they were enforcing the extra-penalty citations – we suggest Lukes makes sure these pass the sniff test before handing out the flowers.