Despite the best attempts of city bureaucrats to thwart the Gem Equities development plan for Fulton Grove, two city councilors saw through the deception and gave a green light for Andrew Marquess to continue on to Council committees.

In Episode 33, we bring you audio of the Thursday meeting, details about yesterday’s violent assaults at a Burger King and on a transit bus, and more on the Happyland Pool campaign.

8:30 Part 2 – Marty Gold sets the scene for audio from the City Centre Community Committee, which he previewed last week.

14.18 – Developer Andrew Marquess explains to Councilors Rollins and Orlikow his view of the “fatally flawed” process, the effect of arbitrary rail line safety demands on the project’s viability, and “what the heck are we doing here with this site?”

24.35 – A bureaucrat wilts when Sherri Rollins asks him to justify why he proposed the Marquess project have a far more onerous rail line setback condition than the Forks residential project does.

27.10 Hear how bureaucrats NEVER mentioned any change to the setback requirements from the previously approved planning document “so there was assumptions made and nobody clarified it.” Marquess then questions “the fundamental disconnect” in the process and that the FCM guidelines are not “a hard and fast” rule of how to measure the setback.

Despite the dirty tricks of staff, Rollins and Orlikow imposed a couple of amendments and agreed to let the Fulton Grove application move through the City Council process.

When outsiders see development projects sideswiped by planners imposing different rules for different people, no wonder they take their investment dollars elsewhere. The taxpayers of Winnipeg deserve better.

38:06 Part 3- Crime and Public Safety Update

– Panic set in among the public on Wednesday after a man was slashed and almost killed at the Burger King at Confusion Corner. In this case people learned from social media about the incident, because apparently none of the TV newscasts filed a report.

You’ll hear about the prior attacks on women, bystanders and other prisoners committed in the past 3 years by veteran violent criminal Ethan Muswagon, as we wonder what it says about our society when he keeps getting revived from drug overdoses and released by judges back into the public, only to try to kill again. The lectures from the bench aren’t working, and neither are “failure to comply” charges. Did Wab Kinew’s budget deal with this?

– More panic on Wednesday night after a 27 year old minding his own business was punched, pulled out of his seat and dragged off of a Transit bus near St. Anne’s on St. Mary’s Rd.

The victim’s father told the media they phoned the cops 3 times and found out, an attempted murder on a bus isn’t a priority on Danny Smyth’s watch. “It’s insane the way this city is going.”

– Marty briefly discusses the path Premier Kinew is on to a legal injection site and “safe supply”.

The NDP thinks that’ll help. As long as it isn’t near their houses.

– Item last: Happyland Pool has already raised over $33,000 towards the 85k goal. We tell you about some of the big donors standing up for St. Boniface. Get more information from [email protected].⁠ Here’s our video report:

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