Part 1 opens with listener comments about our tribute to Brian Smiley; an update on the Dan Rentz 911 suicide call from Episode 42; then more updates in the city hall and provincial round-ups!

8:00 Part 2– Using the bully pulpit of the Free Press, Brent Bellamy is the mouthpiece of the elitist ‘urban visionary’ crowd in Winnipeg, aligned with the radical bike lobby. When Coun. Ross Eadie wrote to the newspaper disputing Bellamy’s proposals that would make River and Osborne a nightmare for disabled and blind pedestrians, Bellamy mocked the concerns.

You’ll hear Eadie’s detailed explanation and the crass, no class response from Bellamy, distorting the issues and dismissing the objections of the councilor who is himself blind. It’s indicative of how actual public safety is an afterthought to the anti-car, anti-capitalist mob Bellamy fronts for.

As Eadie put it: “This guy has an architecture stamp – wow… maybe architects should be penalized under the Accessibility For Manitobans Act.”

19.40- That attitude against protecting genuine public safety is on display with the debate about closing Assiniboine Avenue at Main Street. Marty Gold provides the history of the idea, which became a favorite of the Manitoba Club front group, “Friends of Upper Fort Garry” after the bike lobby failed to force it into the bike lane plan in 2010.

The flaws of the idea were put on the record by Kelly Ryback at the Public Works meeting – starting with a naval base down the block and the use of the road to get to St. Boniface Hospital. You’ll hear clips from the subsequent discussion by councilors and the stunning deceptions that the bureaucrats admitted they were pulling to conceal their plans, dissuade public input and cater to their allies in the bike lobby.

26.45 – Janice Lukes and Russ Wyatt question the department heads. Hear how emergency services were not actually asked about ambulances getting delayed going to the St. Boniface Hospital, the dirty trick of labeling the report as ‘information’ when they intended to “roll this out” anyways, and Wyatt challenging this “dangerous” idea. Lukes called it “a tricky recommendation” and “confusing.”

Another trick was revealed- summer repairs on Assiniboine will block eastbound lanes, which will lower the numbers of vehicles diverted northbound down Fort Street and make it seem less obstructive of traffic than it really is.

34. 14- While the administration called it a “pilot”, Wyatt rightly said, “It’s a trojan horse, not a pilot”.

You’ll hear the bureaucrats admit they didn’t mention the word ‘pilot’ anywhere in the report or that the proposal to forbid right hand turns onto Main St. is for a YEAR. This is an example of the public service deliberately deceiving the public to tamp down their input.

Not coincidentally– immediately after Wyatt identified the bike lobby as manipulating this initiative, the YouTube feed of the meeting was mysteriously cut off. He’s taking his complaint about being censored to the Governance Committee.

Marty recaps how stakeholders like small businesses and residents downtown are being shunted aside by high-paid liars on the public payroll who favor the bike lobby elitists. Shades of 2010.

Lastly in the City Hall round-up, a Matt Allard sighting. Hear the questions he’s going to be asked as we continue to seek an interview with him. It’s not only about ⁠the Goulet bike lane⁠, but that’s a start.

There’s a Happyland Pool fundraising update to end the segment.


48:47 – Part 3 – Provincial round-up

Update on the Bell MTS layoffs in Brandon, as we again scoop MSM;

More reasons why Wab Kinew’s NDP shouldn’t follow⁠ the BC model ⁠of hard drug decriminalization and ‘safe supply’;

Four hopefuls- at least- are lining up to contest the PC nomination in Tuxedo to replace Heather Stefanson, one of whom is a strong voice for the Jewish community, Larry Pinsky. *******

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