Late breaking news caused a shift in direction for Episode 41, but we make sure you get the analysis you need to know what’s going on with Wab Kinew’s crew!

Part 1 – Our interview about the police shooting of Brad Singer in February opened a lot of eyes to the questions that deserve answers⁠.

A listener sent a thoughtful response to the comments about residential schools made by Kelly Ryback and noted a factor affecting Indigenous poverty and addiction rates he had not: the reserve system and isolation.

9.40- An NDP MLA has gone against the ‘devolution’ script for child welfare, telling a Legislative Committee that “I’m worried about the nepotism that’s currently going on in every office.”

Amanda Lathlin from The Pas is a foster parent and is getting the runaround from “unqualified workers that are currently there, such as the ones who’ve not returned my calls for two months asking for a visit.”

The Children’s Advocate shared her concerns that kids in care may be left voiceless, but Families Minister Nahanni Fontaine⁠ was all-in on handing First Nations control under Trudeau’s Bill C-92.

Fontaine and Housing Minister Bernadette Smith had to cancel a press conference Friday after a body was found at the derelict Manitoba Housing site at 575 Balmoral. Marty describes how he had been asking what was going on with an RFP that closed last fall to redevelop Centre Village – but he had been ignored. While the neighborhood suffers from the blight, the City looks the other way instead of ticketing Housing officials.

18.00 – A leading doctor has quit the U of M and Shared Health and blasted the NDP government which “meddles relentlessly in our health system without empowering those with expertise to run it.”

Dr. Eberhard Renner said “recycling previous health system leaders who would elsewhere compost in retirement” was creating “the wild west… (in some) instances this government’s actions frankly hinder the ability of expert leaders to do their job.”

We deciphered which partisan codger he was referring to.

Lastly, an announcement of a sexual assault strategy group proved the pattern of political nepotism as a crony of Nahanni Fontaine’s got a post on the steering committee.

Fontaine claimed “There is so much more to do to protect women, girls and two-spirit peoples” but also seemed to have a blind spot – aren’t men also victims of spousal abuse? What services do they get?

26:16 Part 2- Crime Courts and Public Safety Update;

– An accused triple murderer

– Two fires on Thursday a half hour apart will result in two houses in Weston being demolished

– A spat between parents in Elm Creek has flared, after a claim students visiting a northern school in a ‘peace and reconciliation’ exchange were sexually harassed and assaulted by some of their hosting peers.

WFP on Thursday– “a parent said Elm Creek boys had been spanked, slapped, “dry-humped” and threatened by students from the Norway House school, and that a video of the harassment had circulated throughout the school community.” RCMP are investigating.

WFP on Friday – a mother whose kid was on the trip and had not seen the video insisted “I believe that this is fuelled by racism… I think that the kids that didn’t want to go made the time that they spent there awful.”

‘Believe all victims’ – until you don’t want to, it appears.