Episode 3 showcases the return of the Crime Courts and Public Safety Update, with a look at the lasting legacy of the police chief, soon to ankle the stage.

Part 2- After Coun. Jason Schreyer endorsed an idea of former Mayoral candidate Don Woodstock about recycling discarded road rubble and saving taxpayers on construction costs, we wanted Don (a TGCTS sponsor) to respond.

He joins Marty Gold to ⁠review Schreyer’s comments⁠ about performance bond enforcement and Winnipeg’s debt from long-term interest payments, which siphons tax dollars away from pools and parks.

They also discuss the sudden exit of CAO Michael Jack after a stunning audit that left Coun. Janice Lukes in tears. Has the taxpayer been duped by Jack’s previous assurances the public service was being held to standards?

Woodstock points the finger at the people who hired the former legalist for the top job. He notes they willingly agreed with then-Mayor Brian Bowman that outside eyes weren’t needed after scandals and cost overruns rocked 510 Main St. Almost every member of the current chamber – starting with Mayor Scott Gillingham- raised their hands and promoted an insider instead.

23:25 Part 3-  The Crime Stats that usher out the Danny Smyth era illustrate a litany of failure.

–   Hear a by-the-numbers review of how out of control Winnipeg homes, stores and streets have become –  ⁠with almost every key indicator ⁠(ie robberies, knives) a double-digit hike.

A special look at youth crime rates, and recent incidents with run-amok teens destroying a Shoppers. More than one arrest a week last year was of a kid under 12, who can’t be charged. Thanks, YCJA!

–  The foursome- 2 aged 18, 2 girls under 18-  single-handedly wiped out the narrative of a Free Press columnist. Disputing a column by Shannon Sampert, he claimed Osborne Village was booming and the closure of the River Avenue Starbucks had nothing to do with crime. Someone forgot to tell the cops that, as special foot patrols have launched in the Village, the West End and the Exchange District

–  Armed teens threatened other teens at the Red River Ex- and the CEO takes charge of fixing the problem

–  A North End 7-11 and a downtown Dollarama had to deal with criminals too- with one locking out a shoplifting homeless mob and the other catching a thief wanted on warrants.

All form part of Danny Smyth’s legacy.

A police spokesman told the media ‘Few, if any, shelters in the city have staff trained to deal with people in a meth-induced psychosis.’

We ask- Is the NDP planning for meth use at safe consumption sites?

Meanwhile, you’ll hear about two local agencies duking it out over how to handle a homeless camp.

We also have an odd story about a deceased person found in the West End- a demonstration of the ripple effects of crime and social disorder in a City where chaos is the new normal.


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