Season 4 concludes with the news about antisemitism in Winnipeg that the Winnipeg media is, once again, refusing to tell the public about.

This time, it’s because the Jew-haters are taking over one of the media’s sacred cows- the Pride movement. We review the words the parade-invading militants used that the media don’t repeat.

Part 1- As Marty Gold explains, a trend has emerged with confrontations at Pride events around North America, provoked by the “Free Palectine” mob who benefit from sympathetic media allies.

We pick up on a point made by the Black Rod, concurrent with our exposing how the Free Press ran a hit piece on a retired teacher seeking a school board seat:

Will you ever see a Free Press story reading “pro-Palestinian protestors—associated with the terrorist group Hamas that committed mass murder in Israel in October”? Of course not.” 

How did this play out last weekend?

Exclusion, rather than inclusion. And not just in SF:

“bringing the celebratory march to a halt… Hundreds of anti-Israel protesters crashed (the parade) chanting the anti-Israel slogan, “Palestine will live forever! From the sea to the river!”…

“… the pride marchers looked on with perplexed and dampened expressions… Some protesters in the anti-Israel group held up a rainbow flag with the words “no pride in genocide” painted on it”

Episode 52 recaps Pride Parade reports from 3 outlets, to deliver the full scope of how radical the demands are- and not just the ones to exclude Jews.

A short CTV piece set the stage- “dozens of protesters” carrying a banner, “‘No Pride in Genocide.'” We add extra details from CBC, which downplayed it as “Parade was paused for short time due to blockade, discussions with Pride Winnipeg.”

Short time? Try 45 minutes, holding up 6000 paraders and 80,000 in attendance. The “50 people” standing in their way extracted “time at the main stage to make others aware of (their demands) in order to leave the road.”

No other media reported on this reward for the act of intimidation. But- CTV and CBC failed to report on the demands about Jews.

13:07- CBC skipped the meaning of what “We were told that they were reasonable and that they could be acted on” entails, because they didn’t want to report on what it really meant… a ban on wrong-thinking Jews.

The Free Press almost did, but stopped short.

The newspaper described the ‘we demand’ side of the flier handed out by “more than a dozen protesters”. As usual, the manifesto targeted cops and capitalism and demanded bowing to BLM – but lumped under what the Free Press called “profit from the occupation of Palestine” was another target:

“Refuse to allow Zionist organizations (a) place in Pride events.”

In other words, just like San Francisco, Winnipeg’s Pride would tolerate no Israelis and essentially, no Jews. No support for a Jewish homeland allowed.

Newsrooms refuse to explain how toxic the heckler’s veto has become, and now even Pride Winnipeg caves in to “a collective agreement for change.”

The ultra-extremist self-proclaimed revolutionaries require Jews to pass a political litmus test. And Pride Winnipeg said they’re glad to oblige. Why has the media hidden the antisemitism within the LGBTTQ+ movement?

The same reason they failed to report on Michael Benarroch taking action agains the antisemitism at the U of Manitoba campus. They refuse to expose their social justice warrior friends as the leaders in Jew-hate in Manitoba.

What will Mayor Scott Gillingham- a professed Zionist, or Premier Wab Kinew do? Would Gillingham and Kinew agree with Pride excluding 4000 Somalians, or Syrians, or Ukrainians?

33:10 Part 2- Episode 52 reveals there was a surprise dry run earlier that weekend by the rainbow-adorned Hamas cheerleaders. Again, MSM didn’t tell the public.

The drag-themed gala put on by the Raibow Resource Center surprised many in attendance- and at least one board member- when a stage performace incorporated “a political rally for Palestine coordinated by venue management, ” according to one onlooker.

“The venue was not safe on PRIDE” as the anti-Israel mob made their move.

What should disturb all allies of Pride, including the long-supportive Jewish community, is how the Met crowd cheered the highjacking of the show.

The antisemites didn’t get stopped Saturday, and they didn’t get stopped Sunday. They want Jews excluded from their Pride events.

A theme for Season 5- IS THAT YOUR WINNIPEG?

(See also: Dahlia Kurtz: Trudeau fiddles as Canadian Jewish institutions burn)

To conclude Season 4, we recap the most-heard episodes, the growth of the audience, and preview what’s coming up in Season 5, starting next week.

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