In Episode 50, Marty Gold walks listeners through his ongoing reports throughout Season 4 about antisemitism and illustrates ⁠a continuing reluctance⁠ of Winnipeg media to tell the truth about the conduct and behavior of their like-minded friends in the ‘From the river to the sea” crowd.

Last week we published a blog story on Antisemitism Training To Be Mandatory at U of M Med School⁠⁠

It was the latest installment about the manifestations of Jew-hate across our province and ⁠⁠our nation⁠⁠. In ⁠⁠our schools⁠⁠, in ⁠⁠our newspapers⁠⁠, and ⁠⁠among political leaders⁠⁠.

Not a single MSM outlet has reported on what University of Manitoba President Michael Benarroch said:

– “Antisemitism continues to exist on our campuses today”

– The anti-Israel valedictory speaker “tarnished” the med school graduation event

– “I hear far too often from students and colleagues who do not feel UM’s campuses are safe for them.”

To report these facts would disrupt the “it’s anti-Zionism not antisemitism” narrative the biased Winnipeg media uses to cover up for the pro-Islamist campus activists.

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18:49 Part 2 – After 4 days, a Free Press typist covering a formal complaint about the valedictory speech delivered by Gem Newman included two sanitized sentences about Benarroch’s initiatives:

“In response to the criticism, U of M president Michael Benarroch said the university would offer additional anti-racism training to students, faculty and staff. The training will be mandatory for students in the Rady faculty of health sciences.”

Notice what’s missing? The word “antisemitism”.

What Benarroch said was: “including antisemitism training for our students, faculty and staff.”

The Free Press- and the rest of the Winnipeg media- doesn’t want you to know.

⁠It’s not the first time⁠ the broadsheet has ducked using the word antisemitism.

Hear how the reporter steered her article about an antisemitism complaint, into a bleating session for other pro-Hamas leftists in town who are being criticized after outing themselves by voicing support for the doctor now under investigation.

26.30- Local media doesn’t clue in the community about incidents Canada-wide either: a Jewish comic illustrator barred from a BC festival, or about the two Jewish schools shot at in the last week. The pattern is clear, that hate and violence towards Jews is “Not News”.

We list media outlets that made no mention of Benarroch admitting the U of M has a problem with Jew-haters.

You’d think “professional journalists” would go to the NDP Minister for universities and ask her about it. But the Winnipeg media suffers from a new medical condition: Antisemitism Avoidance.

32.00 – It’s not just the “Jew” thing. Winnipeg media has contorted itself to avoid reporting on race relations gone wrong.

A significant underlying factor behind the attacks on Food Fare employees has been mob behavior encouraged by aboriginal activists and the evident distrust between them and the Palestinian grocers. Justice Minister Matt Wiebe pronounced he wants police to act, but he also hid what’s really behind the violence.

Marty Gold explains how in recent years, police chief Danny Smyth cowered from violent mobs, including ⁠a pro-Hamas attack on Jews near the Legislature in 2021 ⁠that was followed by the statue-destroying, cop-hating aboriginal radical mob 6 weeks later. No one was charged in either riot, and the signal was sent that mobs rule our streets.

Smyth helped cause the problem, and no one should expect him to do anything as he counts down the days to his retirement in September.

Coming up: Coun. Jason Schreyer on City debt, public safety, and deficient public consultation; Nurses ready to revolt against Wab Kinew; and Will the Sun Rise Again?

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