May 26/24— The President of the University of Manitoba has drawn a line in the sand with escalating Jew-hate on his campus- and he’s including not just students, but faculty and staff in his evaluation that “UM needs to do better.”

In a correspondence to donors outraged by the antisemitic statements of the valedictorian at last wesk’s College of Medicine Convocation ceremony, Michael Benarroch admitted “antisemitism continues to exist on our campuses today” and that the anti-Israel speech “tarnished” the occasion.

“Valedictory addresses are not political platforms for one student or a group of students to express their views, no matter how important or relevant the issue.” 

As a response to the conduct at the “pro Palestinian” encampment on school grounds, and the defence he heard of Gem Newman’s grad speech as merely calling for a ceasefire , he said the school will “offer much-needed education… including antisemitism training for our students, faculty and staff – an effort that is already underway.”

Benarroch pointedly added, “This training will be made mandatory for students in the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences.”

“What I have found shocking in the communications directed at UM in the aftermath of the valedictory speech, is how unaware people are of the systemic antisemitism that exists in the world. Israel is not above criticism, but the insidious nature of antisemitism is such that many cannot even recognize it for what it is.”

This stance sets Benarroch, the former dean of the Asper School of Business, at odds with high-profile instructors at the university who insist they are ‘anti-Zionist, not antisemitic’ and who have provided full-throated support for campus protests

Rady is one of numerous medical schools in Canada overrun with rabid Jew-haters. Dr. Teddy Rosenberg, a former schoolmate of Benarroch at Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate, quit his teaching position at the University of British Columbia citing “hate speech, student intimidation, and the feelings of many students and teachers that they are working in a toxic environment.” 

Benarroch wrote he was “distressed by the escalation in both activity and rhetoric that is causing pain and harm in our community… I fear that the way one perspective is being expressed is resulting in another group experiencing hate.”

“I hear far too often from students and colleagues who do not feel UM’s campuses are safe for them.”

Throughout the school year, Jewish students have complained of intimidation, genocidal chants and remarks, and in February the group Students Supporting Israel was targeted by anti-Zionist radicals in the student union (UMSU).. We reported on a campus campaign to cancel Izzy Asper here.

“As President, I have felt it important that our university maintains neutrality about the complex geopolitical situation in Israel and Gaza…. This neutrality however should not be interpreted as inattention, nor should it be mistaken for an acceptance of antisemitism, or any other form of racism.”

As in the USA (Columbia, Harvard, Penn et al), philanthropists and supporters of higher education in Manitoba are reconsidering pouring millions into colleges that have become fertile grounds for Marxist and Islamist recruiters, often camouflaged by ‘Diversity Equity and Inclusion’ mandates that label Jews and Israelis as “privileged” and “colonizers”.

“I realize there are many organizations and individuals who are hurt and angry, asking you to back off from your support for universities right now,” Benarroch conceded- but then insisted that would be counter-productive.

“I’m asking you to lean in. With your voice at the table, we can be stronger, more inclusive, and more responsive. Your voice and the benefit of your wisdom and experience can help us effectively confront antisemitism and grow understanding.” 

In March, the Board of Governors unanimously approved the re-appointment of Benarroch to a second five-year term, beginning July 1, 2025- so he’s not going anywhere. The question is, will the extremist agents of antisemitism on his campus pressure the Board to undermine Benarroch’s fight to protect Jews at UM from their hate and harassment..


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