A wisecrack from a listener has Marty Gold recounting the history of “Hail Aurtarlia” to open Episode 34. Another listener commented about a retirement at CBC-TV, who the new Winnipeg anchor might be, and what needs to be improved in local CBC coverage- but won’t be.

6.00 – Researching into the provincial budget, we flagged a few items for our upcoming interview with the CTF- including a meagre break for home security systems that the NDP refused to implement 15 years ago despite their own Speaker at the time, George Hickes, supporting our idea.

12:43 Part 2 The Wab Kinew government has alloted funding to “anti-racist” education and Holocaust curriculum. Marty Gold says it’s giving false hope to the community.

That’s because, last year the Winnipeg media blackballed coverage of the incident involving an outburst by “Free Free Palestine” ⁠University of Winnipeg Collegiate athletes⁠ at the Gray Academy Jewish campus. ⁠The Free Press couldn’t even bring itself to admit ⁠the chants and gestures were antisemitic. And the Department of Education and the schools involved did nothing to get to the bottom of it.

In other words, the authorities are all talk and no action when it comes to harassment and intimidation of Jewish students – and the media sides with the “protesters”.

17.00 Three local newspapers have allowed bizarre, antisemitic narratives disguised as “pro Palestinian” activism to be published without balance or challenge to the inherent anti-Zionist messaging.

– The Manitoban has ceaselessly promoted a concept put before the University of Manitoba Student’s Union to adopt a definition of “Anti-Palestinianism’ invented by an national Arab lawyers group. You’ll hear how ⁠Rhonda Spivak dismantled the notion⁠ the proposal is any equivalent to the IHRA definition of antisemitism.

“The proposed definition of anti-Palestinian racism will not allow for supporters of Israel to present their viewpoint on campus, or criticize Hamas or the Palestinian side in any way, without running afoul of the definition of “Nakba Denial” in the proposed resolution. Similarly, anyone speaking in favour of a two-state solution, Canada’s stated policy, will run afoul of the definition of Nakba Denial in the proposed definition before UMSU.”

In other words, it’s antisemitic.

– The Winnipeg Sun without hesitation printed a letter to the editor that claimed the October 7 massacres was a “false flag” operation falsely blamed on Hamas – as rancid a conspiracy theory as can be imagined. Yet the newspaper published it.

21.30 Meanwhile the Free Press, still reeling from the blowback to a Jen Zoratti column about October 7th, was embarrassed by an Honest Reporting Canada investigation into a column by far-left Faith reporter John Longhurst.

Longhurst performed stenography duty for the antisemitic Mennonite Central Committee, which claimed Israel was withholding food aid from Gazans.

“On the day Longhurst’s article was published, well over 200 trucks filled with humanitarian aid entered Gaza, in addition to 159 tonnes of additional aid airdropped over the coastal territory. The next day, 258 humanitarian aid trucks entered Gaza, 166 of which carried food, well over twice the amount that was entering the enclave prior to the war.”

As we explain, when the media repeats misinformation and slanted reporting assailing Israel for carrying out a “genocide” and deliberate starvation, Marxist politicians like Nahanni Fontaine repeats the narrative of Jew-haters, citing the Fake News media reports.

To the dismay of militant Palestinians, Mayor Gillingham has stood his ground and refused pressure to add a “ceasefire now” motion to a city council agenda, after Wab Kinew caved in to them.

MSM won’t ask, but we do– When the Iranian-funded “Al Quds Day” comes to Winnipeg, will the Mayor and Premier tolerate a thousand pro-terrorist marchers calling for “Intifada revolution” and the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel?

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