Episode 21 reviews a heated online debate about the mandate Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew gave his new Health minister to establish a supervised drug consumption site in downtown Winnipeg. This, after criminal behavior and social disorder has helped drill attendance of the NHL Jets to record lows.

Citing the NDP policy directive, a former city councilor tweeted:

“In case you were lacking in reasons to NOT go to downtown Winnipeg—here is another one.”

A local sportswriter portrayed that point of view as uncaring, and claimed that critics of the proposal to enable addicts “have no clue what they have against them.” 

Marty Gold reviews the replies and back-and-forth debate that demonstrated that the in fact, Winnipeggers have very good reasons- including⁠ a Stanford study⁠ that “points towards safe injection as a grower of drug addiction and crime. Not a preventive solution.”

NDP apologists hate when people ask if a downtown site will negatively affect public safety as it has in other Canadian cities. But would Bernadette Smith, Nahanni Fontaine or Wab Kinew would ever live next to one?

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At issue is whether overall, disease transmission, health outcomes and addiction treatment uptake actually improve, as “Recent analysis of the population-level effects of overdose prevention sites and supervised consumption sites in B.C found no changes to trends in monthly hospitalization or mortality rates.” 

Are these sites a make-work project for the “Harm Reduction” industry? They already abandoned any accountability for used needles on our streets, as we reported 4 years ago.

22:38 Part 2

We follow up on last week’s ActionLine round-up about antisemitic incidents being investigated by the Winnipeg police – read it here


– Hear about plans for rallies coming up, and the plan to target the offices of a Jewish MP and the US Consulate. 

– A brief round-up of Jew-haters caught in the act in the US and Canada, and the slanted pro-Hamas language used by the BBC and emulated by other “trusted news organizations.” Hear how Campaign Against Antisemitism ⁠@antisemitism⁠ is standing up against biased police in the UK who fear of the Islamist mob and prevent Jews publicizing the Oct. 7 hostage-taking by terrorists.

– The TGCTS podcast was first to report on a Jewish home in River Heights being shot at. This week we reveal that Jewish students in Winnipeg are being spit on and harassed, and are fearful of repercussions if they report the assaults to authorities. How will Wab Kinew’s Education Department respond? 

Related: The province did nothing about U of Winnipeg Collegiate student athletes after pro-Hamas chants and antisemitic conduct last March, which the Winnipeg media also ignored: ⁠https://actionline.ca/2023/02/feb-21-2023-why-the-free-press-didnt-report-the-antisemitism-behind-u-of-w-collegiate-team-incident/⁠

43:00 Part 3 – Hamas vows to repeat their slaughter of Jews

At least 2 journalists in Canada claim to be victims of “Islamophobia” after being fired after celebrating the butchering of innocent civilians as an act of “resistance”. 

Meanwhile Prime Minister Trudeau, who has thrown billions at Jew-hating regimes overseas, holds selective, unannounced meetings with the Hamas sympathizers while the NDP caucus that props up his government assails Israel for defending their country. What does “proportionality” mean to “progressives”? 

In conclusion, listeners are told how Jewish Canadians now fear for their personal safety, and are asked the question- what would you have done in the 1930s when Jews were threatened and attacked? Is it what you are doing today?

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