Feedback from listeners kicks off Episode 32, including about ⁠Nahanni Fontaine’s MArch MAdness⁠, already at #11 in the All-Time rankings.

– A Bell MTS employee caught our podcasts about layoff plans for Winnipeg and Brandon and she’s digusted at how there’s not been a peep from local MLA’s or MP’s about MTS favoring contracting out Call Centre jobs to cheap undertrained overseas labour.

– Another comment came from a donor about MSM with ‘perimeteritis’ completely ignoring the legitimate values of Manitobans south of the city who have “a very real understanding of what government overreach is.”

15:21 Part 2 – City Hall Round-up

– Is the new Director of Property and Development Hazel Borys behind the harsh demand to alter the Fulton Grove housing plan? Considering it would chop 485 units from the development and make it unfeasible, you’d think the rail setback requirements would have been settled a long time ago- like say, ⁠before the City lost the lawsuit to Andrew Marquess⁠.

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23.30 – Transcona Councilor Russ Wyatt made a long Facebook post after the City budget was passed and he pulled no punches. Now tcouncil’s official contrarian, you’ll hear how he called “petty cuts” like closing neighborhood pools “mean-hearted” and the kind of idea bureaucrats used to be told to “stick in their ear!”

Noting there are never suggestions to cut senior management expenses, Wyatt claimed “The City Hall system keeps councillors running from meeting to meeting, where they end up spending more time with unelected city staff,” and his colleagues lose sight of their obligation to the voters that gave them their jobs, because of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’.

Wyatt also lauded the efforts of average residents from St. Boniface and Weston who spent countless hours trying to convince council to save their pools.

30.00- Happyland Park pool users launched a fundraising drive and Marty tells the details of ⁠the Happy Sport Campaign⁠… We also give a shout out to Will and Courtney Gault for the tremendous charitable causes they’ve raised money for through Willy Dogs this season.

36:37  Part 3- Crime And Public Safety Update

– It’s more than 3 inner-city convenience stores that have been torched in the last month, when Marty adds them all up- including one down the block from Dr. Joss Reimer’s office.

What’s behind it, we wonder, a firebug? “competition”? or is it a protection racket?

– Someone tell Nahanni Fontaine that late night shift workers on north Main Street face their own food desert- all the fast-food and convenience stores are closed overnight due to harassment and violence.

– 44.00- According to a homeowner near Inkster and Main, a social services agency has abandoned proper supervision of a group home that provides person-centered, crisis and treatment services to low and high-risk vulnerable and marginalized individuals living with mental illness and intellectual challenge in our community.”

The result? Seven visits by cops and 3 ambulances attended – IN A 24 HOUR Period. (This location is also, in Nahanni Fontaine’s constituency. But since she sleeps at night in Lindonwoods, she doesn’t care.)

Other people with similar experiences chimed in with their own problem being labeled a ‘NIMBY’ for expecting a safe neighborhood where their girls aren’t cat-called and exposed to degenerate behavior. “You’re lucky you’re still alive” wrote one woman – beaten in a home invasion – about Winnipeg, “the capital of CRISIS and CRIME.”